View Full Version : Random Comments RE: WIFE SWAP and Trading Spouses

03-05-2005, 04:49 AM
I have a feeling that the at some point they will switch a Racist White Family with a Militant Black Family.
I could see it happening if it wasn't for the safety issues although I could see 2 mildly racist families swapping.
They have already done several versions of Rich and Poor, Neatfreak and Slob, Religous and Atheist, Conservative and Liberal so I see the next step as Racist White and Militant Blacks if that is even possible without physical violence.

I love the 2 shows but I don't know what other opposites would be interesting to watch. The other thing is that nobody that goes on that show can accept that another family lives a different lifestyle they always go on a mission to change the ways of the other family. Although that is good in a way because the 2 extremes move toward the middle, for example; the Slob cleans up a little better and the Neatfreak learns to relax. ;)

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