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03-21-2005, 01:15 AM
Usually I am a patient person and can good naturedly deal with what life has to offer. Lately I haven't been able to take little frustrations very well. I've been having problems getting good corrected vision for many years and this has been one of my biggest frustrations.

I am trying out some hard contact lenses, they really aren't working but I have to wear them as much as possible every day so the doctor can see how my eyes are adjusting to them.

This afternoon I decided to suffer through 4 hours of wearing them I put the right one in my eye, it felt like it was in but when I blinked it dropped out of my eye onto the counter (I think, I couldn't see). It made a SPLAT noise when it landed, usually that means it didn't go anywhere else, didn't bounce, didn't roll. I put my glasses on and it was gone. No big deal... shouldn't be far. Couldn't find it anywhere.

Looked in my clothes. Looked in the trash can, on the floor, in the toilet, on the side of the toilet, on the side of the cabinet, in the sink. I was nowhere near the sink but it wasn't anywhere else so we took apart the drain. Very disgusting but no contact.

Got a flashlight, looked everywhere again for an hour. Then took the left lens and tried to recreate the SPLAT noise to see if I could tell where the other one went. SPLAT was the noise for a solid landing, PLINK was the noise for travelling. The first one definitely SPLATTED. Dropped the left lens in the bath rug so I would know what they looked like in the rug. Rested it in the garbage so I could see what it looked like in there.

I was desperate, they're $150.00 each and we could barely afford that one. I gave up.

It was too late to cook the dinner I had planned and nothing else was thawed, I couldn't take one more thing. I was going to just leave the house, go to the park and cry. So.....

With all the experimenting I did with the remaining lens I figured I better clean and disinfect it immediately. As I was rubbing the cleaner on it it separated into the right lens AND the left lens. The right one had flipped out of my eye and exactly landed inside the left lens which was in the opened case on the counter.

It was amazing.

03-21-2005, 11:20 AM
Yup. That's amazing. I was going to ask if you had long hair...I've seen them get caught in hair plenty of times.

03-21-2005, 11:53 AM
Whoa. Good thing you found it!