View Full Version : Earliest Surviving (US) TV Broadcast of Various Sport Events- Can You Help?

Governor Quinn
03-31-2005, 04:09 PM
As is well known to those interested in the subject, much early American TV coverage of sports (indeed, much early American TV coverage of everything) has been lost over the years. For example, John Wooden's last game as the coach of UCLA (the 1975 NCAA championship game) only survives in a parial recording, which, based on appearance, appears to survive only because someone taped it off their television set.

Considering that fact, I have put a list together of various sporting events. What I hope for is that other Dopers can fill the holes that I was unable to fill, or correct entries of mine.

The list, so far:

Earliest surviving World Series TV coverage- Last two games of 1952 World Series (kinescope)
Earliest surviving coverage of regular-season baseball game- 1967 Boston Red Sox Game (color tape)
Earliest surviving boxing match- Various 1950's matches (kinescope)
Earliest surviving NCAA Basketball championship game- 1973 (color tape, may or may not be the original master)
Earliest surviving NBA Finals game- Last game, 1970 NBA Finals (color master tape)
Earliest surviving NBA regular season game- ?
Earliest surviving Super Bowl- Super Bowl III (no clue on state of surviving material)
Earliest surviving regular season NFL game- ?
Earliest surviving NHL Finals game- The early 1960's, but I forget the year (kinescope)
Earliest surviving NHL regular season game- ?

Can you help fill the holes?

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