View Full Version : And the vodka was brought out in a teapot?

07-18-2000, 04:53 AM
Hey there all. A funny thing happened to my parents.
My dad is a member of the Lions (a service club that among other things raises money to research diabetes, train seeing eye dogs, fight various eye diseases). Well, last year my dad became a district governor. One of the things he has to do while holding this position was visit every club in the district.
Last week he visited a club in a small town that was very rural like most of the clubs he visits are like this since we live in Saskatchewan(lots of farmers). Anyway, this small town only had one very small resteraunt (a chinese resteraunt). He and my mom were supposed to meet the club there and have supper. They couldn't find any of the Lions inside and were about to leave to look around town when a Lions member came out. They went inside and went through the kitchen to a dining room in the back. Supper was very good and after it the president of the club asked if my parents would like something to drink. My parents don't really drink so said no, but some of the other members wanted some so the pres asked for the waitress to bring out the teapot. She went in the back and brought out this tea pot and proceeded to serve vodka out of it. Apparently, they didn't have a liquor liscence so they brought the alcoholic beverages out in teapots and called it "tea".
Just something funny that I thought I'd share. It reminds me of somethings I've read in mystery novels.

07-18-2000, 01:18 PM
On a similar note, the new Hooters restaurant in Frisco, TX hasn't got their license yet, so they give everybody 2 free beers.

Mr. Cynical
07-18-2000, 01:39 PM
I'm SO there.

If they didn't have a license to let them wimmens go around all half nekkid, do you think they'd give me two of them to take home? I'd pay dearly.