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10-28-2005, 07:33 AM
Write a brief scene using Simpsons characters and dialog to parody an author or novel. It can be your favorite or the one you hate the most. Whatever. The idea is to exaggerate the author's writing style so that it sounds ridiculous coming from the Simpsons.

Ayn Rand

Homer: Bart, your behavior is irresponsible and anathema to me.

Bart: I am unconcerned with your feelings, which are sentimental rather than logical in nature.

Marge: Do not engage in that sort of verbal disrespect with your father. He has labored since your birth to sustain you.

Bart: Spare me your emotional blathering. You are the least efficacious member of this household, contributing neither to its income nor to its stability. Your sisters are hags, and you share their genes.

Marge: Lisa, please inform your brother of his fallacies.

Lisa: I Marxist. I idiot.

Homer: Bart, I will not tolerate these sorts of outbursts, as they reflect on me, the head of household. I shall therefore withhold your remuneration until such time as you have learned the value of not initiating force.

Bart: I spit upon your authority, and hold it in contempt. I am now of sufficient age and maturity to make decisions on my own.

Lisa: I Marxist. I stupid.

Bart: There! [pointing at Lisa] There is your indictment. Your own retarded daughter belies your claims and reveals the utter buffoonery of your manhood. You disgust me.

Lisa: I Marxist. I pee on my feet.

Bart: [jumping from his chair] Those are not your feet, you damnable socialist!

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