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The Controvert
10-30-2005, 12:47 PM
I've built a "poor-man's Tivo" of sorts. It's an array of cheap VCRs that I program to tape my favorite TV shows. The benefit is with 8 hour tapes, I can tape 40 hours of shows each week simultaneously on multiple channels.

The drawback is that when the power goes out, some of my programs are erased. I've attempted to mitigate this problem with a UPS. Unfortunately, if the outtage lasts over 1 hour, the UPS quits and I still need to reset the VCRs.

Because a UPS is relatively cheap ($25), I was considering setting up serveral UPS in series to lengthen the time I am immune to power outtages.

Would this work? If so, would I want to put the older UPS closer to the VCRs or closer to the wall outlet?

10-30-2005, 01:02 PM
It is possible to cascade the things.

Here's a brief tech note on it. (http://www.mgeups.com/techinfo/technote/tn16.htm) Looks like you need to "de-rate" the amount of power you draw at about 15% due to internal losses in the UPS' circuits. In other words, if you were using a pair of 1000 VA units, you'd only be able to draw about 850 VA. Shouldn't be a problem with your VCR farm.

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