View Full Version : What's Up With Barbara Jean on "Reba"

12-03-2006, 07:25 PM
I love the show but in one episdoe Barbara Jean is fat, then she's thin,then she's fat again. I know the actress who plays here must've lost weight but it can't be a fat suit she's wearing. What is the deal? When did she lose weight?

12-03-2006, 08:01 PM
The CW runs an old episode before a new episode so you may be seeing two shows from different years back to back.

Gala Matrix Fire
12-04-2006, 05:16 PM
Her weight gain was pretty gradual. She started out pretty slim, put on a lot of weight, and then I think she lost a lot between seasons. I'd say she's slimmer now than she started out. But you can't say that she's yo-yo'd because so far she's only gained weight once.

12-04-2006, 06:25 PM
The actress (Melissa Peterman) also had a baby in 2005.

She was in "Fargo" as one of the Minnesota prostitutes being interviewed by Frances McDormand about what she noticed about Steve Buscemi's character. She didn't notice his face if you remember.

12-05-2006, 01:30 AM
Well she was never really thin on "Reba." But what I mean is on the "season premier" she was rail thin. Like a Barbie Doll. Then next week she was back to being fat on the 7pm episode. Then at the 7:30pm episode she's back to being pencil thin.

Then this last week, at 7pm she's really fat again, then at 7:30p she rail thin.

I mean this last season of Reba must've been shot horribly out of order since, the show started so late and all the shows so far are new. While Googling around I found that when the WB and UPN merged even though "Reba" was the highest rated show on either network, it didn't fit in to their demographic so when the two networks merged to for the CW the were going to cancel "Reba." Then there was some sort of a public campaign to bring it back.

I don't know if this explains why the episodes are so out of order.