View Full Version : Survivor throws a great (maybe) twist into the finale! (SPOILERS ABOUND!)

12-05-2006, 10:49 AM
I just read an exerpt from an interview with Mark Burnett, where he spoils the upcoming finale, and it’s a wild twist.








The finale starts out on Sunday the 17th with a final five, not four, OK, that’s no big deal, but this is: Instead of a Final Two, there will be a Final Three facing Final Tribal Council for the $mil. Two of the contestants are upset, as their strategy is blown out of the water, and two of them are unphased. This will really change the final tribal, which is already shaping up to be a doozy!

12-05-2006, 10:53 AM
Thanks for the heads-up about the date--I might or might not have figured it out eventually. (Now I just might or might not forget before then).

The rest has been speculated on before. Not that that should be read as a criticism of you or your thread . . . just it is less shocking to me than it would have been if I hadn't been following various board threads on Survivor this season. And of course, you've got actual info from an insider, not just rampant speculation.

12-05-2006, 01:52 PM
Instead of a Final Two, there will be a Final Three facing Final Tribal Council for the $mil.
This is what I figured way back (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=395632&highlight=survivor+final) when Brad became the first member of the Jury (see post #6). I think it's very interesting ... except, with a Final Three? There's still a chance for a tie. Unlikely, but with this Jury stacked up the way it is? Definitely a possibility. I can't speak for any other fans out there, but this is totally looking like a very bitter Jury to me. Which may or may not be a shame -- I think two people in particular are playing great games, with two different but equally good strategies, and I hate to think that either of them might lose $900k because of a bunch of people saying "My question is YOU SUCK" at the final Tribal Council. But this is a risk we always run with this show.

Of course, if there is a just and loving Og, what will happen is: the final votes are going to come down to a tie, 4-4-1, and the winner will be determined by a feat of strength and/or endurance between the top two vote-getters, which is probably for the best, anyway. Because let's face it: Do you really trust Nate with the decision of whether or not you personally deserve $1,000,000? (I don't.) Although I'm sure Burnett has some kind of mechanism in place to figure out how to handle this. Because: would the winner be determined on live TV during the finale/reunion show, or what?

Out of curiosity, do you have a link to the interview with Burnett? I'd love to read it if it is available online.

12-05-2006, 02:52 PM
I wish I did, rockle, but my Google-fu was not strong enough to overcome the looking-over-my-shoulder paranoia here at work. If you have the opportunity to search a bit more unabashedly, it came from TV Guide. I only caught bits quoted at TWOP, and the quoters didn't include a link. I thought that was a bit odd, since they're usually pretty good about that, but since different posters quoted different parts of the interviews, I'm fairly certain it's legit. If you do manage to find it, would you mind posting the link?

I really do hope this doesn't take the win from Yul or Ozzy. Becky seems to be a mere cypher so far, and I can't imagine them throwing in enough confessionals with her to give her an absolute, fleshed-out winner's edit. This quote: Their first challenge, Burnett reveals "is the hardest puzzle we've ever done, called Compass Rose." The final four's last immunity challenge, he says, is "a trial of balance and endurance."
sounds like a gimmee for Yul and Ozzy, but women usually do well in the endurance challenge, so who knows?

More from the interview:

So who's going to win? We asked Burnett to handicap the seven players still in the game at press time.

Yul: "He has that dangerous combination of being extremely likable and extremely cerebral," Burnett says. "He used the immunity idol in a very smart way, and it actually turned the game."

Ozzy: "He's one of the greatest challenge players we've ever had, right up there with Terry and Colby. He certainly is a target."

Jonathan: "He's done what he's had to do to get this far. He's saved himself so many times, he's like Houdini. Jonathan has managed to offend many people, but he's a very clever guy and knows that's a safer bet to make it into the final 2."

Adam: "There's no question that we've focused on his alliance with Candice, but he's a very strong player. He might be cleverer than we think." Candice, who was booted last week, was "near genius," says Burnett, but Adam was 'her Achilles' heel."

Becky: "She may be playing a clever, silent-but-deadly game in that she's letting [her ally] Yul take all the heat. For much of the show, she was under the radar."

Parvati: "Parvati's a good athlete, can be a very strong challenge player and she's not afraid to use her sexuality."

Sundra: "Sundra has offended nobody and is the kind of person who can go to the end because she's not seen as a threat. Everyone likes her."