View Full Version : Sparks Is Back?

12-19-2006, 02:39 PM
Did they ever "leave"?

Now, I knew of their existence from having seen some of their videos, but I guess I never got too excited about their stuff back then.

On a recent trip I heard their Perfume on one of those "on-board" radio programs, and said to myself "Hey! Now I could stand to hear some more of that kinda stuff."

Imagine my surprise when the DJ said it was Sparks and that he thought the song fit real well with the Duty-Free shopping we were about to do on the plane.

So I get home, get on Amazon and order their cd-single and it's playing as I write.

So if I like this tune, what have I missed I may also like, or is this just a fluke "catchy" song?

Working it out on my bass as well, so if any of you GITtar pickers wanna give me some help, I'd appreciate it.