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10-01-2000, 04:37 PM
My girlfriend's (of close to a year) parents are getting separated. Possibly divorced by the look of things. Now, my parents divorced whenever I was 9, and others of us who have had our parents divorce know the setp-up of the game.
Her mother is leaving for West Virginia, where she was born, and her dad is staying here. My girlfriend is staying here to finish up high school.
My "issue" is not that my girlfriend my move away someday. We all have to learn someday to let go of our attachments. This issue is one of material possessions.
My girlfriend, who is 17, doesn't have a car. And I fear she will never have a car as long as she's a teenager. And, for practically all of us, owning and driving a car that we called "ours" meant a lot to us.
I don't know how things will work out. If her parents both live on a single income, each of them supporting children (my girlfriend plus her 6 year old sister) and both paying house bills, this leads to my intuition that she'll never drive her own car. Tho, her grandma may buy her one. But what's the likelihood of that??
What I had in mind was to raise money for my girlfriend. Perhaps, to some, this sounds extremely compassionate, and to others this sounds extremely dumb. In most respects, I don't feel responsible, but I feel I should do something to help my girlfriend. I plan on giving her any money I receive for my birthday, and I may even set up jars in restaurants to earn about a thousand dollars for her. She might get a job and could earn the rest of the money. But then, insurance is a thing AFTER she gets the car.
So, this is where I'm stuck for her sake.

-crispix coughs a nasty cough

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