View Full Version : Myspace blog question

11-13-2007, 11:02 PM
If I post a blog on myspace I notice that within a few minutes I have 5 or 6 views to the blog (often without the views to my page going up).

When I log back in I'll have anywhere from 30-60 views with a couple views added to my page.. The next day I'll have about a third of that and the day after that a few.

I know not that many people view my bulletins (I have 190 something friends) but no more than 10 or so would actually click on my page to read a recent blog.

And I know they could be going back and reading a bunch of my blogs, hitting back and forward.. But who would? Anyone interested would've seen everything (I post a blog once or twice a month) and there's not that many people that would read not only my most recent post but every one back and forth I've written for the past several months.

Anyone? I also notice that many of my friends that I've mentioned this to haven't had the same thing happen to them at all.