View Full Version : Should I go to work ... or stay home?

11-08-2000, 06:58 AM
I missed yesterday - flu.

Today the headache and body aches are done, and my fever is down... but I am all sneezy and coughy and phlegmy - yuck.
I was really fucking sick yesterday.

I have most of my voice back too.

I have 15 minutes to decide.

What should I do?

11-08-2000, 06:59 AM
Stay home one more day, don't take the chance of giving it to someone else.

11-08-2000, 07:44 AM
Hey!! Want to go shopping instead?! :D

11-08-2000, 07:54 AM
The person who sits in a cube near me sounds like she's in the same condition you are. I wish she would've stayed home.





I think you should stay home unless you really dislike your co-workers.

Zumba The Cat
11-08-2000, 08:00 AM
I hope I am not too late!

Stay home. You will probably feel all better faster if you stay home one more day and rest. If you go to work you might have a harder time getting completely better.

Rest one more day. Your body will thank you.