View Full Version : Can anybody help me remember what book this is!?

04-07-2008, 01:52 AM
I have been trying to remember the title of this book for literally days and can't for the life of me remember. It's especially vexing because it sounds like a really interesting book, and now that I've been reminded of it I really want to read it again, but can't if I don't know the name! I've been searching through google, library catalogs, book searches... Anything I can think of but nothing rings a bell.

Here's what I remember plot-wise: (Warning: some of this is really, really strange. Please bear with me.)

-At some point a genetically-enhanced, talking weasel attacks the main character, trying to assassinate him with an extremely powerful gun. The main character manages to cut the weasel/ferret's head off and glues it to a plate which he then carries around. (The weasel lives for a few hours because of the genetic enhancements and he forces the head-on-a-plate to tell him where its master is.)
-These "super weasels" work as some sort of police force.
-The person who made the weasel is a guy who also makes a lot of genetically enhanced animals, I think illegally. He is old, I think, and there is something about very small monkeys.
-Eventually the main character finds his way to a vast underground sea, where the antagonist lives on a giant genetically enhanced fish which is slowly rotting away from the inside. There is a large city built in the fish's mouth for some reason.
-I believe the main character lives in some sort of slum, or travels there for some reason.

Does any of that ring a bell, or even make some sort of sense? I was thinking maybe it might be the novel "Mute" by Piers Anthony, but the summary I found doesn't sound a thing like what I'm thinking of.

This is probably something I read before or just after Y2K, which explains why I can't remember much of it (I was only twelve!). If you can help me put this nagging memory to rest, I would be SO grateful! Besides from what I remember it was pretty interesting, maybe we can all take a read. :)

04-07-2008, 04:20 AM
Alan Dean Foster did a series of books involving anthropomorphic animals called Spellsinger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spellsinger), and there's a whole bunch of books in that story. I can only barely remember the first one, and none of your specific plot points match my memories, but it's somewhere to start.

Eleanor of Aquitaine
04-07-2008, 08:27 AM
I don't think the OP is describing Spellsinger. (I used to love those books). The Spellsinger world was magic, with no mention of genetic enhancement. And the police force was composed of skunks, not weasels. :)

04-07-2008, 12:06 PM
Thanks for responding... Other forums have blown be off entirely. xD;

Yeah, Spellsinger does sound more like a magical world, from the descriptions I found. My mysterious book was very dark, everything was done by science. The weasel and other mutated animals of his ilk were described with something like horror, I believe.

Also, if it helps, I remember my mother describing the book as something people read for college for literature classes, something about representing the technological corruption of the human species and playing god. (Again I was twelve at the time so I wasn't a great listener. I was a precocious reader, however, so this book is definitely an adult fiction, college level at least. It was not particularly child-friendly.)

Johnny Ecks
04-07-2008, 01:36 PM
Veniss Underground by Jeff Vandermeer.

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