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04-12-2008, 03:13 PM
Today at the supermarket where I work, I was surprised to see on the newsstand where National Geographic should be a parody (http://harvardlampoon.com/node/308) of that same magazine produced by the Harvard Lampoon. Turns out in honor of April Fools' Day, the National Geographic Society allowed the Lampoon to poke fun at the prestigious publication and distributed their parody alongside the real magazine. The parody is very well-done, and has a lot of spoofs on the sort of things that the Geographic usually comments on. Some of the parody articles and things include:

-Letters to the Editor, including a prank letter from NG's hated rivals at the Discovery Channel and one from a literate bear named Literate Bear
-Corrections ("January 2008: Our article 'Americans vs. Iraqis: Who Will Win?' should have been titled 'Americans vs. Iriqouis: Who Would Win?'")
-A 120th-anniversary image combining two things the magazine is famous for: wild animals and naked tribeswomen
-An article about a man who lived alongside the bees, hearing their thoughts (they sound like "robot Gilbert Gottfried") and being unable to escape through the honeycombs, due to a surgery he had to make his head less hexogonal
-A look at the Beijing Olympics, including new events the Chinese excel at (Ping-Pong, Overpopulation, Peeing in Coke), the Olympic mascots, and the evolution of the torch route (now, after much reluctance, with a large American stop in the shape of Chairman Mao's head and the words "SUCK IT USA")
-My favorite article, a look at the AIDS epidemic in Africa, where our reporter travels to Africa to show that the AIDS problem is more than just numbers. We have to go past the statistics and look at the mystics. (Okay, not everyone in Africa is a mystic, but it rhymes.) In Swaziland, billboards shill "Drink Coca-Cola...It Might Be The Cure!" In Zimbabwe, HIV can be caught by anything that rhymes with HIV. (Count to three, catch HIV. Climb a tree, catch HIV. Step on a crack, catch HIV- see how prevalent it is? It even spreads by things that don't rhyme!)
-And many other amusing articles

It's very well done, and if you see it on the newsstand next to (or in place of) [i]National Geographic, take a look- the cover says it'll be on stands until June.

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