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03-03-2009, 01:55 PM
I know viewership of the L Word has diminished greatly over the past few seasons, so I understand if no one is watching right now, but just in case they are...

This is, obviously, the final season of the L Word. You might think that would mean that loose ends would be tied up and various people would find closure. I just watched the penultimate episode, and I can't say that's the case here. They do have a two-hour series finale next week, let's see what they can do. My hopes aren't too high, though.

So far this season:

The first scenes of episode one indicate strongly that Jenny is dead. No explanation, other than apparently she was found in a pool. Murder? Suicide?

Alice Has gone from mildly annoying to completely and totally annoying. She's second only to Jenny in the "I wouldn't mind if a shark got her" category for me now. Her romance with Tasha doesn't seem realistic to me and the supposed sexual tension between Tasha and Alice and whatshername just doesn't seem genuine. I would have expected the three of them to have some kind of three-way experience and then deal with the emotional fallout of that for some kind of dramatic hook. As it is, the only thing that bugs me about the situation is that it gives Alice more things to obsess over and meddle in. Somewhere along the way, Alice writes a treatment for a screenplay which Jenny pretty much copies, netting a high-dollar contract while Alice gets nada. That's person #1 with motive to kill Jenny.

Kit There's supposed to be some sort of weird attraction that she has to a straight man that dresses in drag to connect with the gay community, yet she doesn't recognize him at all when he's not in drag. WTF on so many levels. Kit hasn't interested me in a long time, and this doesn't raise the bar much.

Helena Along with Kit, Helena owns a new gay/lesbian dance club/restaurant/cafe whatever it is. She's tracked down by the woman that used her last season for money or whatever, and this woman declares undying love for Helena. Helena is of course skeptical and the LesFriends tell her to beware. Alice the Annoying comes up with a plan to test the woman's true motives by having Nikki Stevens (the hottie that was the lead in Jenny's Lez Girls movie and ended up being munched on by Shane last season) try to seduce her for a fake opportunity to direct a movie starring her. It's a total dick move; the woman is sincere in her love for Helena and of course Jenny nearly blows everything by revealing that the Nikki thing was a test of her motives. As of last episode, however, Helena is back with the woman and appears pretty happy. Still, Jenny pissed her off. Enough to make her suspect #2? Probably not, but still.

Max Is around, still taking hormone treatment and growing a beard, but unable to get his breasts removed surgically because...he's pregnant! By the gay guy that he's been seeing, the sign-language translator. There's a half-hearted attempt at addressing the prejudice of society in one scene, but let's face it; a bearded guy asking for an abortion is going to raise eyebrows and turn heads, no matter what. Max is too far along to get an abortion, and there are some hints that the baby may eventually end up being adopted by...

Bette and Tina Bette has lost her job mostly because of Jody's influence. Tina is cut out of the Lez Girls movie deal (which turns into a mainstream romantic movie or something where the guy gets the girl, and they change the title, etc., in a pointless plot device.)They want to adopt another baby and their first plan falls through. Bette partners with a rich old college girlfriend (who may have latent feelings for her) in a gallery business. After the opening, Bette and partner whatshername (played by Showgirls' Liz Berkeley) are drinking wine, she spills some, Bette leans down to wipe it up, Jenny spies them through the window and takes pics, convinced that Bette is cheating on Tina. Of course Jenny proceeds to tell everyone that Bette cheated on Tina, even after Bette vehemently denies it. Only Tina at this point doesn't seem to know about the alleged cheating. I'd say this is a definite #2 suspect for the killing of Jenny. Meanwhile, Tina gets a job offer from a New York movie studio, so it looks like they're going to be moving soon. Bette gets some kind of closure on the Jody thing, but it seems half-assed. One minute she's as bitchy as ever, the next she seems friendly and warm. Whatever.

Shane Has inexplicably agreed to attempt a romantic relationship with Jenny. Jenny claims that she understands Shane's promiscuous nature and is alright with it, but of course she belies that by being the most annoyingly controlling bitch ever, trying to mold and control Shane at every turn. Eventually after Jenny has driven her sufficiently bonkers, Shane reverts to form and re-fucks Nikki Stevens, after which Jenny publicly embarrasses both of them by "buying" an auctioned date with Nikki so Shane would feel free to fuck her without hiding in the bathroom. Shane's look of disdain afterwards...if looks could kill, Jenny would already be gone. Suspects #3 and 4 for Jenny Murder there. Other than that, nothing really develops with Shane. No mention of her Dad or brother or any of that stuff, just a totally unrealistic romance with Jenny which has Shane acting like Jenny's slave for the first episodes in an attempt to make up for her initial Nikki tryst.

Jenny Well, what can I say? The one thing that the writers have definitely accomplished this season is to transform Jenny from the bitch everyone loves to hate into the bitch that everyone wants to kill. She seems to have no redeeming value, her sole purpose on the show is to introduce strife and annoyance. Any of the aforementioned "suspects" could do her in, or it could be Adelle, who is curiously missing from the show this season, or it could be Jenny just doing herself in. No matter how it happens, Jenny pretty much has to die.

Come to think of it, the writers have made a lot of the characters more unlikable this season; Jenny, Alice, Tasha, Max, Jody, Kit, Shane...really the only characters that seemed to improve in my view were Bette and Tina. It's like they decided since the series is over they might was well make damn sure no one would be demanding spin-offs or additional seasons.

Well, like I said, one more episode to go and it's done.

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