View Full Version : Do you get drunk faster or slower with Jello shots?

Duck Duck Goose
01-16-2001, 08:46 AM
We were discussing this yesterday. A local bar is featuring "the five hottest male dancers EVER!" (which somehow I doubt :rolleyes: ) and they're giving away free Jello shots to celebrate.

The Better Half says this is a way to get drunk faster than you realize, because you don't realize how much alcohol is in them. I say that you would actually get drunk much slower, first of all, because the vodka is diluted by half in each "shot", and second, because the Jello would fill up your stomach and you wouldn't feel inclined to keep going until your stomach had had a chance to melt the Jello and process it. (Ever eat so much Jello that you feel sick? Amazing, isn't it, for something that isn't really a food substance.)

Also, I doubt if there could be much booze to begin with in the free Jello shots in question, since liquor is expensive and this bar owner isn't stupid. And he's not a charitable organization, either.

So, who's right?

Prepare Jell-O according to package with boiling water, let cool a bit. Substitute Vodka for the cold water, pour into mold(s) and chill.

Jello is made with one part boiling water and one part cold water. So your supposed "jigger" of vodka in the finished shot would actually be diluted to half a jigger.

(FTR, a jigger is 1 1/2 oz. if anybody wants to know.)

01-16-2001, 08:59 AM
Hard to say. I hate to sit on the fence here, so let me 'splain.

Normally I would agree with your husband. Jello shots get you drunk quickly because they are sweet, go down easy and people rarely stop at one. The gelatin slows alcohol absorption, but they can pack a sizable amount of alcohol; even diluted vodka can be pretty strong.

OTOH, in this specific promotion the amount of vodka in the shots is probably less than if they were made by a reputable food chemist... given this, you may be right. But in general I don't think you would be; since the half-jigger is multiplied by 10 shots; like drinking 7.5 beers in a very short time.

As one of the hot male dancers, I resent your implication...

Duck Duck Goose
01-19-2001, 08:20 AM
Well, I still wanna know, so I'm gonna bump this one time and then get on with my life.

<< bump >>

01-19-2001, 08:56 AM
I suspect that if consumed in a controlled way, jello shots would make you drunk more slowly than shots of other hard alcohol. However, they are rarely consumed in a controlled way.

First of all, when you are having jello shots, you usually are drinking something else, a beer or a mixed drink. Because the jello shot is more food-like than drink-like, you usually don't mentally register it as the equivalent of having another beer or drink. Also, the amount of jello one usually consumes is much more than a "shot", so people don't think of having just a tiny bit of jello as having that much.

In addition, most popular shots people have in bars are somewhat harsh (tequila, Jack Daniels, vodka, Jaegermeister), and because having one burns your throat for a while, each one is counted and the temptation to do multiples is reduced. On the other hand eating a jello shot is sweet and easy, so you can have many in quick succession.

So, whatever the alcohol content of the jello shot is, the typical consumption pattern of them will get you messed up in a hurry.

01-19-2001, 11:38 AM
drunk faster - drinking shots, because the alcohol is in liquid form and can be absorbed faster by the stomach

drunker - jello shots, because you may eat more trying to get the initial buzz, but once they start melting they hit you like a tonn ov bricksh...and it's more difficult to monitor yourself and stop when you hit your limit.

Okay, I guess I'm saying that when you're drinking you can stop when you want, but when you're doing jello shooters you have a bunch of time-delayed blitz-bombs sitting there just waiting to come back and see the light of day again.

01-19-2001, 11:49 AM
Hmmm, while you are right that since the shots are free, they might not be as strong as possible, you should also consider that vodka can be pretty freaking cheap. I'm guessing that since they're free, they're not going to be made from Skyy vodka. You can get a pretty big bottle of cheap vodka for like 7 bucks.

Oh yeah, and everything the other posters have said is right.

Adolph Peewee
01-19-2001, 06:22 PM
just late last year I attended a christmas party with a group of doctors and their office staff. One of the girls had made a heap of them, but tripled the vodka mix, and didn't tell anyone! Needless to say, there was a few hilarious scenes that night and a few sore heads in the morning!

Okay, I guess I'm saying that when you're drinking you can stop when you want, but when you're doing jello shooters you have a bunch of time-delayed blitz-bombs sitting there just waiting to come back and see the light of day again.

some of the girls certainly proved this theory that night anyway~! :)

up until that night, I'd never heard of jello shots!

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