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04-12-2001, 12:14 PM
Here's the deal: I had to send a fax today (just now). I have Office 2K (that has a fax wizard) which I used, and in it I set the fax program my PC has. After I finished and closed the Office Fax Wizard there was nothing listed in the fax program's "sent faxes" listing. Office 2K said "your fax has been sent" -it only took about two seconds, is that too fast on a 56K line? (-I sent a Word document, so I didn't have to scan anything)
The reason I'm not sure is that the fax program gets called up and left up, but there's nothing "in" it to send: no document titles or phone number. I'm not sure if Office did all that or not.
I never had to use this before so I don't know that it is working right. I plan to call later today to make sure it got there, but should the fax program itself record this as a sent item, or not? Does Office 2K track its own faxes sent with the Fax Wizard? - MC

04-12-2001, 07:37 PM
I use mine all the time. After the program starts it gives you the opportunity to attach any word document with the browse button. After you put the fax number you are trying to send to and push send, you should hear the dialing, connection and watch on the screen while the fax is sent and give you a message if the fax was sent complete or if it failed. After completion look in your out box and it should show your contact.

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