View Full Version : Gmail suddenly doesn't remember an established contact?

08-06-2014, 01:29 PM
Weird Gmail thing happening:
Once I've had an e-mail exchange with anybody ever, Gmail always remembers it when I start typing in the address field for a new e-mail. Whenever that particular contact also happens to be a Gmail user, not only does the contact info pull up right away but there's the whole profile photo as well (as Gmail still tries to convince us that Google+ is actually a cool fun thing that we should be more involved with).

O.K., so that's what normally happens.

I had to send an e-mail the other day. It was to a contact with whom I've corresponded before- not frequent or recent correspondences, but certainly multiple correspondences both sent and received. As I started typing his name nothing came up.

I typed out his whole e-mail address (It IS a Gmail account as well). As I typed out the address, it collapsed into the neat little box (as is the normal presentation) but instead of displaying his name it just displays an ellipsis in place of his name.

I sent the e-mail. Looking at my sent mail, under the "To" heading the contact is displayed simply as the ellipsis- no name or detail of the e-mail address. I didn't get any error messages as I sent it though.

Could this mean that he has deactivated his account?
Could it mean that he has me blocked (I don't truly think that he would)?

It's probably just paranoia that has me even asking. It's something for which I need an urgent response and I have no other contact info for this person. In the past he has responded promptly, but it's been several days with no response.