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05-28-1999, 09:28 AM
In the spirit of gun-control/abortion/religious/stupidfrigginprayeratgraduation questions that have no true "answers" but instead rely solely each posters specific beliefs let's see just how long a thread we can get on this.

Everybody knows that there are 2 kinds of people in this world: highly evolved, intelligent, creative and kind Pepsi drinkers and the sub-human, scum-sucking, evil and devious Coke drinkers.

This also applys to Schick vs. Gilette, "great taste" vs. "less filling", Curly vs. Joe, ad nauseum.

05-28-1999, 09:35 AM
I read somewhere that people with college degrees tend to drink Coke, while uneducated people tend to prefer Pepsi.


05-28-1999, 09:43 AM
Maybe Pepsi drinking has some genetic thing to it, like a dropped chromosome or something. Anyone see that X-Files where the family that had inbred for generations and Scully discovered that baby the kids found in the field had every genetic abnormality known to man? I'll bet Pepsi-drinking was in there somewhere. :::shudder:::: scary!

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05-28-1999, 09:53 AM
I drink RC. What do you suppose that says about me?

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05-28-1999, 09:56 AM
You don't want to know, Jess . . . :)

Sign me up for Coke as a preference, though I will drink Pepsi. RC and the rest of the pretenders are a distant third. But give me SOME cola -- I don't drink coffee or tea, so cola is my caffeine injection system, without which my behavior may be unpredicable and downright scary.

05-28-1999, 10:03 AM
I drink Coke and have done so for many of years.
There is a thing I had'nt noticed until you mentioned it. Since I starting Coke I've shrunk and turned red. Also to my surprise Horns have grown out of my scull......

I'll see you later, TOM

But not much later........



05-28-1999, 10:04 AM
The difference between Pepsi and Coke drinkers is that Coke drinkers never have to drink Pepsi (unless you at one of 3 or 4 Pepsi owned restaurants). We Pepsi drinkers almost always have to settle for Coke when we eat out. Because of this, we are natually more well-rounded and open-minded than the monolithic Coke drinker.

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05-28-1999, 10:13 AM
I drink RC.

Let's not muddy-up the waters here, Jess. Saying you drink RC is like playing Switzerland.

We're talking Coke vs. Pepsi - Axis vs. Allies, evil vs. good!

05-28-1999, 10:39 AM
All hail the standard bearer for good taste, corporate citizenship, and huge stock returns - Coca Cola! Both Coke and I were born and raised in Atlanta, and we're both better for it.

My grandfather had a chance to buy Coke stock at its initial public offering (on the steps of what is now South Trust bank), but didn't. Aww, Gramps, if you had just bought 10 shares I wouldn't have to be working for a living!

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05-28-1999, 11:09 AM
Hey,hey, don't rule out us underground subversives who drink RC. Or our deranged brethern drinking JOLT. Sometimes the small guys will win.

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05-28-1999, 11:14 AM
Aww, Doc! Say it ain't so! I would have pegged you as a Pepsi drinker.

Well, I'm off to the woods for the weekend. Everyone have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend (yes, even you Coke drinkers!).

05-28-1999, 01:05 PM
Let's see...

Pepsi-Cola is an anagram of Episcopal. Clearly, Coke is the irreverent choice.

(Of course, the only anagram for Coca-Cola I can come up with is "loco caca." I guess that means I'm into crazy shit.)

05-28-1999, 01:23 PM
I used to get a laugh out of those taste test commercials, which I guess were supposed to "prove" to me that Pepsi tastes better.

05-28-1999, 01:42 PM
Whichever one happens to be on sale when I'm shopping. In restaurants, I have a slight preference for Coke, but I'm perfectly happy drinking either.

05-28-1999, 02:04 PM
I don't like either. If forced, I'd take a Pepsi, but just about anything is better than cola.

#1 -- Adirondack Orange Citrus Frost

After that, comes 7-Up and ginger ale.

05-28-1999, 06:47 PM
Put me down for Pepsi although I have come to drink iced tea nowadays more than cola.

So, here's a question for iced tea drinkers: Lipton's Brisk or Nestea?

I'm a Brisk drinker.

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05-28-1999, 07:28 PM
Brisk, hands down. I drink a few liters every week.

05-28-1999, 07:36 PM
Lipton's. No substitute will do.

BTW-who's the guy on the package supposed to be? The milkman?

05-28-1999, 07:40 PM
Diet Coke! No Pepsi! I don't drink coffee, so I usually have my first diet coke of the day as soon as I get to work in the morning, it's my caffeine carrier.


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05-28-1999, 08:28 PM
Well, Tom, let's see.

05-28-1999, 08:36 PM
BTW-who's the guy on the package supposed to be?


05-28-1999, 08:44 PM
Coke vs. Pepsi? I think it depends on WHEN you started drinking. I was practically raised on Coke, but that was before they changed the kind of sugar they used - and I'm talking about the '80's, not the more recent failed experiment with "New Coke." I've been a Pepsi fan since. But then, sodas in general are too sweet for me, and I drink unsweetened iced tea. But you can't get a decent (strong) iced tea anymore.

05-28-1999, 09:41 PM
Of course, they both taste like malted battery acid... *maintaining neutrality*

05-28-1999, 09:59 PM
In my youth, they had 6oz bottles of Coke that packed a punch which Pepsi never even came close to; they toned the contents down quite a bit since. I'm still definitely a Coke drinker, though. Although I much prefer Diet Pepsi because I find Diet Coke to be much too sweet.

By the way, getting back to the 6 ouncers, never figured out why the glass of some of our bottles was green, whereas most of the other bottles were made of colourless glass. I heard the green ones came from the U.S. (I hail from Canada). Can anyone shed any light on this?

05-28-1999, 11:16 PM
Put me down for Pepsi as my cola of choice.

With iced tea, I lean toward Lipton. However, I don't care what brand, as long as it's *brewed*. I wouldn't touch instant tea with a ten foot straw.

05-28-1999, 11:17 PM
Here's a scary thought:

Instant Coke! (shudder)

05-29-1999, 12:15 AM
Say, Matt, how do you know what malted battery acid tastes like anyway?

I take Pepsi over Coke, but IBC over either.

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05-29-1999, 12:17 AM
I could always tell the difference between coke and pepsi when they were warm. Pepsi had a smoother taste. But I heard Coke isn't made the same nowadays, so it's even worse!

05-29-1999, 08:17 AM
I was wondering when Bloom County would make its inevitable appearance on this thread. Thanks for keeping the flame alive, matt!

I drink Coke because it comes in a red can as opposed to Pepsi, which comes in red, white and blue. Anything to further the cause of internationalism! ;)

Given a choice, I'd take Coke over Pepsi, but these days I try to get fruit juices or water instead of a soft drink. Or instant iced tea, since I don't generally have the time to brew it. The fellow on the Lipton box is Sir Thomas Lipton, founder of the tea company - or at least a stylized representation thereof, given how name-brand faces (Betty Crocker, Col. Sanders, Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, etc.) undergo radical alterations every five years or so.

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05-29-1999, 08:52 PM
Olentzero writes:
The fellow on the Lipton box is Sir Thomas Lipton, founder of the tea company - or at least a stylized representation thereof, given how name-brand faces (Betty Crocker, Col. Sanders, Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, etc.) undergo radical alterations every five years or so.

--Believe it or not the image is from a photograph!
"Sir Tea" enjoyed yachting (a hobby made easier by selling more tea than anyone else)and the hat he's wearing is a yachting hat.

05-29-1999, 09:51 PM
I don't see that there is any room for discussion. Sharp crisp tasting Pepsi or dull, flat coke. Especially when you are talking about the diet version.
Coke is the ultimate expression of mediocraty whereas Pepsi is based on the ancient Greek drink known as Ambrosia.

05-29-1999, 10:31 PM
Coke or Pepsi? Which one is on sale this week?

05-30-1999, 02:34 PM
C'mon now...rum & Pepsi?

05-30-1999, 04:53 PM
Coke? Pepsi? Why bother when you can get Black Cherry, Raspberry, or A&W Root Beer?

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05-30-1999, 08:32 PM
I am more of a Mexican beer drinker, or a cabernet drinker with dinner. But just thought Id throw in that Coke has 45.6 mg of caffeine in a 12 oz. can, Pepsi has only 37.2 and RC weighs in at 36.0 mg.

05-30-1999, 08:36 PM
We'll take that as one for the Coke side.

05-30-1999, 10:30 PM
I prefer Dr. Pepper, I think its better than Pepsi or Coke. Soft drinks are a matter of preference, I have tried almost everything and the Dr. is my cola of choice.

Thats the moderate point of view, for the debate: (just for humor)

Drinking cola is a matter of intelligence and taste - those that have these qualities drink Dr. Pepper and those who do not squabble over which is better, coke or pepsi.

05-30-1999, 10:43 PM
If you cut me, do I not bleed Diet 7-up?

But when it has to be one or the other, the choice is clear: Coke is where it's at. It was invented by a Confederate General and used to contain a lot of blow. Traditional American values.
Nothing beats an icy Coca-Cola out of a waxy cup, the kind you get at county fairs.

dysPEPSIa, on the other hand, is far too sweet. Cloying, tongue-coating. It is a drink concocted for children so that they will become lifetime customers.

05-30-1999, 11:23 PM
I'll drink whichever is on sale, but I lean towards Mr. Pibb & Pepsi.

I just happen to have a can of each in front of me here, & have to say the Pepsi can certainly looks better. Those nice people at Coca-Cola have a picture of the old fasioned Coke bottle on their can, along with "delicious", "unique" and "refreshing", in case we hard-headed consumers still haven't gotten the rank taste of New Coke out of our mouths yet.

Pepsi, on the other hand, boasts the "same great taste" (same as what?) on its attractive icy blue can.

I used to prefer Cherry Coke to either Regular Coke or Pepsi, until Pepsi came out with their Wild Cherry version and won me back.

05-31-1999, 12:38 AM
jones soda...vannila cola will do it for me.
In a pinch Coke will do...Pepsi, never!

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05-31-1999, 09:23 AM
Aha! I've missed all the Thor/PapaBear fun, but coming in so late, I'm guessing the dislike started with the Coke-Pepsi thing. It's just a drink, for God's sakes! Following such trivia disputes leads to divisions such as Serbs and Croats, neighbors divided by a common language.

And, of course, after this fine introduction, I have to go with an honest admission: I will drink (sugar)Coke or (sugar)Pepsi, but I WON'T drink Diet Pepsi, the worst Cola ever created aside from store brands.

06-01-1999, 01:59 PM
I love coke as well, and for those of you who work in an environment where free soda is provided just note which ones get used up faster, the Pepsi or the Coke (although around here the Chocolate milk is gone in about 2 hours)

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06-01-1999, 02:07 PM
I have a friend who is(was?) temporarily employed by Frito-Lay. She was amused to find out that they are owned by Pepsi. Coke is not permitted in the factory(I gather this is one of those mostly informal rules. The security guard won't make you leave it outside, but you'll get heckled to death. And yes, luches do get inspected by the security guy to make sure you don't bring glass into the plant, so you won't be able to put it into the stuff being manufactured).

I'm also always amused by informal taste tests with an assortment of colas. In direct comparisons, few people can correctly identify which drink is the one they normally like. This has NO impact on their stated preference or tendency to prefer one or the other.

I personally usually prefer non-caffienated, non-cola beverages.

06-01-1999, 07:09 PM
Cherry Coke or Cherry 7-Up. Wild Cherry Pepsi, like most other Pepsi products (I like Slice, and will drink Dr Pepper when I have no better choices) is utter swill. Pepsi is way too sweet, and tastes much more flat.

06-01-1999, 09:08 PM
Let's put it this way. According to the religion I created with my freinds, Coke is part of the Holy Trinity: Coke, God of the Drink; Charles les Cheaux (sp?) a certain cake, found only in a tiny town in France, which is the God of Chocolate and Sex (if you can get one, do not pass it up -- it's orgasmic!); and Television, God of the Mind. Pepsi is our version of the AntiChrist. And, of course, Sprite is the God of STDs. (1 in 3 wins a Sprite, 1 in 3 contracts genital herpes. Coincidence? I think not!) I stick to Coke.

06-01-1999, 09:22 PM
Does anybody else think the Coke/Pepsi thing is regional? My husband is from Michigan, I'm from Tennessee. My family doesnt' even think about buying Pepsi and his drink water if Coca-Cola is their only choice.
Saying that, my thoughts on various Coca-Cola products:
Coca-Cola (which my grandmother pronounces Co-Cola) is tops as a fountain drink. On a really hot day it is a magic elixir. Stay away from it in the cans, though, major burp time.
Sprite: best only when ice cold. The minute Sprite even thinks about getting towards room temperature it is NASTY.
Dr. Pepper (Which isn't manufactured by the Coca-Cola company last I checked, but I'll stick it in here anyway): Best soft drink if you can't be assured of cold. Even before the movie "Blast from the Past" I had heard of people drinking it warm. Sometimes with lemon.

Iced tea must be brewed and sweetened. And best served in Mason jars.

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10-25-2004, 05:59 AM
I've always felt that pepsi tastes like toothpaste. I like Coke way way better! But, Diet Pepsi tastes okay to me, and I like it more than Diet Coke. Unless the Diet Coke is at Mc Donald's. For some reason, Diet Coke tastes best at Mc Donald's.

10-25-2004, 06:14 AM
To be honest, I think you're all missing the point. What about Sprite vs. 7-up?

10-25-2004, 06:33 AM
This is a very old thread. It's not even a GQ! So in the spirit of IMHO, i like Pepsi.

10-25-2004, 07:22 AM
To be honest, I think you're all missing the point. What about Sprite vs. 7-up?

a) Sprite tastes better...they've proved it! (Ad of the late 1980's)
b) Hello? Where are the Administrators to bump this thing to IMHO?

10-25-2004, 09:13 AM
kski, please don't resurrect threads that are more than a month or two old unless perhaps you have a very specific factual answer to the original question that wasn't answered previously. In any case, threads this old shouldn't be bumped at all.

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