View Full Version : What not to do on a bland diet--add sriracha

Hilarity N. Suze
03-28-2015, 12:50 AM
My son, due to some digestive problems, has been put on a bland diet. The guidelines are no raw vegetables, no raw fruit, no tomatoes, no citrus fruits, no whole-wheat anything, no spices, no brown rice, nothing fried. In other words everything is to be cooked by steaming or broiling. It's all low-fiber stuff. It's pretty much the opposite of the way we eat.

So we made him some very bland meatballs and they were awful. The rest of us put all sorts of stuff on them. I picture them as being what they serve to prisoners as a punishment.

They were so boring to him that he put sriracha sauce on them. Take that, bland diet!


I think it's time he started cooking his own meals.

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