View Full Version : Od'ing and Heaven

07-06-2001, 08:54 PM
note: this is not a debate about if suicides go to heaven, as that's a separate issue. For purpose of this discussion, please assume that suicides do not go there.

A hypothetical man-we'll call him Mr. H- takes heroin, which he does often, and he over doses. Though the paramedics make a valiant effort to revive him, Mr. H is too far gone, and they can't get a heartbeat. Meanwhile, Mr. H finds himself at the pearly gates, waiting to find out the verdict on whether he goes to heaven or hell. Other than being a drug addict, Mr. H has lead a pretty good life, kind to others etc... What will the verdict be, heavenly rewards or everlasting damnation?

Mr. H obviously died due to his own actions, those being abusing drugs, so does that mean he suffers the fate of someone who purposely killed him or herself? Or does he go to heaven since he didn't intend to kill himself like suicides do?

As luck has it, you're the one at the pearly gates deciding his fate. You know that the deity in charge will not let you get away with letting him into heaven if you think he's a suicide, so choose carefully. What do you decide and why?