View Full Version : US Black Population given odd numbered SS Numbers?

07-13-2001, 04:25 PM
A friend of mine heard about this and so far we have some empirical data in support this as the white folks in our office all have SS #s ending in even digits and one balck woman's ending in an odd number. This seems like it would be a difficult feat to manage, even for our conspiracy infested government - thoughts?

07-13-2001, 04:28 PM
Just from the 3 numbers I know by heart-- my husband's and mine are even, but my twin sister's is odd (we are all caucasian). So one exception alreay, at least.

07-13-2001, 04:32 PM
My social security number ends in 5. I'm white. There goes that "conspiracy". Also, how can a survey of 5 people, only one of whom is black, lend itself to any kind of conclusions? Ah well, carry on.

07-13-2001, 04:38 PM
SSNs are assigned based purely on where you were born. Here's the full explanation:

The last four digits are called serial numbers, and they are assigned like this:
Serial numbers are assigned in chronological order within each area and group number as the applications are processed. Serial number "0000" is never used. ...Currently, the serial numbers are assigned in strictly increasing order with each area and group combination.

07-13-2001, 04:41 PM
Another white guy with an odd #. The structure of SSN's:


07-13-2001, 04:41 PM
YANA Caucasian with and odd SSN. Mine ends in a 3. That brings us to 3 instances, and you know what they say: "Once is chance, twice is coincidence, but three times is consp..."

Never mind. :)

Your friend's source for this bears a marked resemblance to what squirrels store away for the winter. Die, conspiracy theory, die!

Mr. Blue Sky
07-13-2001, 04:50 PM
Here's another knife in the back of this conspiracy:

I'm white and, not only is my SSN odd, every number except the first one is odd.

07-13-2001, 04:52 PM
Snopes, it's not just for breakfast anymore (http://www.snopes2.com/inboxer/outrage/ssn.htm)

Arnold Winkelried
07-13-2001, 05:24 PM
On to the next question. Is it true that if you have a PH.D. in mathematics, your SSN is a complex number with a non-zero "imaginary" component?

07-13-2001, 06:02 PM
Okay, I'm a white boy, and my social security number is....

Ah...something something something, something somethingeven, something something something one (which I guess counts as odd).

So, according to the Conspiracy Theory referred to in the OP, I'm actually black. Furthermore, this is apparently a Mutant Garbled Conspiracy Theory, because according to the Snopes link, the theory is supposed to be that digit #5 will be odd if you are white, and even if you are black. And my SSN digit #5 is even.


peers closely at skin

Nope. Still sort of pinkish tan.

07-13-2001, 06:08 PM
Did it not occur to the carriers of this rumor (most of whom should be either old enough to have gotten their own cards or old enough to have procreated children for whom they have gotten cards) that there is no place on the application form for "race," so how would the government know?

07-13-2001, 06:10 PM
The conspiracy deepens. I'm white. My SSN ends in an even number.

But wait, Mrs. Kunilou is an Asian-American. And her SSN ends in an even number.

As for the Kunilou kids, it would only work if there numbers ended in fractions.

07-13-2001, 06:28 PM
"I am not a number! I'm three numbers, a hyphen, two more numbers, another hyphen, and then four more numbers!"

Except, being Canadian, I'm three groups of three numbers, the last one being a checksum. Oops.

Tequila Mockingbird
07-13-2001, 06:39 PM
Something else to disprove this theory. TurboDog and I are both white. Both our SS #'s end in an odd number. Both our kids SS 3's are even (if zero counts as an even number).

07-13-2001, 06:42 PM
Today race is based on "self reporting", the government does not have some sort of "race bureau" that assigns everyone to a race.
So the idea of social security numbers revealing your race is silly. But the number can still reveal the state your born in or were issued the number.
So if a person has the first three digits that identify that the number is from Mississippi, there is a better than one in three chance of the holder being black, while if the numbers indicate the bearer of the number is from Vermont, there is only a one in a hundred chance the person in black.
That's as far as that looney idea can be stretched.

07-13-2001, 06:43 PM
Originally posted by tomndebb
Did it not occur to the carriers of this rumor (most of whom should be either old enough to have gotten their own cards or old enough to have procreated children for whom they have gotten cards) that there is no place on the application form for "race," so how would the government know?
ah, yes, it's that tomndebb character. We've seen him before. He appears to know far too much of our plan and our methods of operation. but what to do... we'll have to be careful. usually he doesn't get out of GD that easily. Double the guard!

07-13-2001, 07:13 PM
My twin bother and I filed for social security numbers at the same time, so we got sequential numbers -- mine was even, his was odd. Maybe the government knew something that our parents never told us...

07-13-2001, 07:17 PM
Hmmm...mine ends in "7." I'm 1/16th black, so may be it is a conspiracy! All the rest of you ought to look for pictures of your great-greats too.