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08-29-2001, 08:54 PM
Ok, i'm not sure if most of you guys are aware of this, but Cevin Cey(former member of Skinny Puppy, member of Download, Plateau and Tear Garden), has released his second "solo" effort, The Ghost of Each Room. Now, judging from his previous effort, Music for Cats, one would expect odd electronica in the vain of his other projects, quirky, slightly gloomy, and always challanging. But after listening to this cd several times, one can easily see that this more then just another left-field electronica effort. This is masterpiece in IDM, industrial, ambient, trip-hop..what may have you. Cevin Cey shows his complete repitoire in this album, extremly techinical drumming(live and drum pad), programming and general production of the work. From the eerie opening of track one(Bob's Shadow) one
can easily predict that this is no disco ;), and no 4/4 techno yawnfest. Every song screams out orginiality and some even rehash prior projects, mainly Frozen Sky( a collaboration with Ogre, which leaves fans to salivate at the thought of another SP album),and 15th Grade( collaboration with Edward Ka-spell of LPD and Tear Garden, so one could easily say that this could be a TEar Garden song). So in summary, get this cd if you're at all interested in the electronica genre, you will not be dissappointed. For others who have the cd, what are your impretions?

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