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Patty O'Furniture
08-30-2001, 07:52 AM

The new 24-hour channel, set to be launched in summer of 2002, plans to show live tennis tournaments, instructional programs, and lifestyle shows on tennis celebrities like Venus and Serena Williams or veterans such as Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.

Will Café Society members gather out on the lanai to watch this channel? There is only so many times I can watch a ball go back & forth. Personally, I'm all for it as long as all tennis matches, tennis news & traumatic tragic tennis table talk (and tall tales) stays off of all the other real channels. That way I can easily avoid the annoyance.

08-30-2001, 01:11 PM
Yes, I will watch. I'm surprised Tennis isn't a more popular sport on TV, actually. CBS is airing this years women's final for the U.S. Open in prime time. Yes, they are playing the final under the lights. After the final. Mac is playing Becker in a senior leauge. Yes, Boris is in a senior match.

08-30-2001, 03:51 PM
If not, I can't see watching the men tank match after match, or the Williams sisters, who may as well play the men since that's how they look, or Lindsey Davenport, who should have an orange triangle on her backside.

Tennis used to be interesting, but not anymore.

08-30-2001, 04:29 PM
I'd watch but I'm sure the local cable co. (Comcast) won't have it. Comcast even canceled WGN, so I can't watch the Cubs any more (unless ESPN has it on).

BTW, how long has Cafe Society been here? I've just discovered it. :o

08-30-2001, 04:33 PM
Anna Kournikova? Oh, please. What are we in, 5th grade?

Now should they have back to back footage of Patrick Rafter removing his shirt (or whatever else), then I shall watch religiously.


08-30-2001, 11:36 PM
The Tennis freaking CHANNEL? Granted, I've never been much of a tennis fan, but I don't hate it either. That being said, my question still holds. What, are we gonna have the Baseball/Basketball/Football/Figure Skating/Curling Channels? It would be fine with me if we did, but I can't imagine how they could fill an entire channel with just tennis. Maybe if I watched more, I'd understand. Hell, maybe I will! :)

08-30-2001, 11:58 PM
Personally, I'm waiting for the Pong channel. Can't be long now.

08-31-2001, 08:22 AM
It'll be more exciting than watching a chess channel.

08-31-2001, 10:54 AM
Those circumstances would involve me standing on a chair in my living room simultaneously replacing a light bulb and flipping through the cable channels. Just as I turn the station to the Tennis channel, I recieve a small shock from the faulty wiring in the light socket. The shock causes me to jerk back violently and fall off of the chair. I twist in the air and hit my back on the corner of the coffee table at just the right angle to sever my spinal cord and paralyze me from the waist down. I land facing the television and remain conscious.

In the above scenario, I would imagine I would watch the Tennis channel.

09-01-2001, 11:16 PM
Don't laugh. Someone got the idea for a Golf Channel sometime back, and it's still around today. Never understimate the fanaticism of certain fans. Don't forget, too, that this channel would cover tennis on numerous levels, not just the ATP and WTA. I'm sure there's someone out there interested in the college hopefuls, the less-publicized tours, or even the senior circuit. And of course there'll be time dedicated to tips, advice, news, event information, etc.

Nonetheless...do we need an entire channel for this? Wouldn't two or three hours a day on ESPN2 be sufficient? If this is a premium channel, and it almost certainly will be, it could have a tough time just getting enough customers to justify its existence.

Man, I never thought I'd see the day. First Comedy Central, then the Food Network, then the Weather freaking Channel, now this. We're getting pretty damn close to the parody channels that were sitcom fodder just a few years ago.

09-02-2001, 05:50 PM
The Weather channel serves a useful purpose. I always check it before I go out running or playing tennis, to see if a shower can hit us. It also now has developed into more than just a weather channel. It has features, such as "Atmospheres" and news events that are affected by the weather, such as the fires.

It is supposed to show the local forecast "on the 8," but that rarely happens now. It does give you a rough idea when you can check the local forecast and the radar.

It also has a MB, and there are some knowledgeable people posting in the MB. People who know quite a bit about meteorology. Guess some of them are metereologists.

People say how can you sit and watch a ball go back and forth across the net, but it's all a matter of what interests you and what you participate in. I think baseball is the boringest sport. In 9 innings you may get half an hour of actual play time, and that's mostly watching a ball cross the plate. While watching tennis, I watch the strokes the players have, what shots they are playing, their strategy in the game, etc. If you're watching most of the men's matches, you're not watching the ball in rallies as most of them play serve and volley. I'd rather watch a long rally, but it's exciting to see a Becker or a Rafter dive after a passing shot.

Chess could actually be a tenable channel. Of course you wouldn't watch two guys (or gals) move wood across a board. There'll be commentators: grandmasters analyzing the game in progress in another room on a closed TV circuit. It could actually be quite feasible. NY TV showed the world's championship in progress, but no other city did, as far as I know.

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