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08-31-2001, 10:51 AM
I was finishing up some textbook purchases online today, and noticed that the bookseller has an "online university" with non-accredited (duh) courses taught by authors and other experts about various and sundry subjects. I checked out the literature and history sections, and found courses on several books I own and have read, or plan to read in the near future. Of particular interest were courses on the Harry Potter series, Tolkein and LOTR, and Founding Brothers, which details some integral events in the lives of 7 guys from the American Revolution.

It sounds good, but I have some questions. Has anyone here participated in something like this? If so, was it useful to you in your reading? How much more time and energy does it take than just reading the book? Would you recommend it? Tell me about your experiences!
And since these seem to be free, would anyone be interested in joining in at the same time, and maybe having parallel discussions over here? After all, I'm sure you guys are much more probing, insightful and intelligent than the average Joe Bookbuyer (well, some of you anyway :)).

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