View Full Version : American History X... I am sick to my stomach

09-01-2001, 12:59 PM
I'm sitting in the computer lab of the local University 'cause I've just moved and don't have an internet connection yet at my new place.

The two guys who work here are watching American History X, and it's loud enough that I can hear it. No problem there, they said if it was too loud just to let them know.

I've seen the movie before. I loved it, but I was sure that I would probably never want to see it again. A better movie on the topic I don't think there could be.

So I'm listening to a part of it (not even one of the very grusome or violent parts) and I am just feeling sick. What disgusting, horrific, ignorant, disturbing, and upsetting characters populate this movie.

I think I'm going to finish up here and go home because it is that disturbing. Ugh.

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