View Full Version : Baffling questions re: MS Outlook & Windows 2000

Carnac the Magnificent!
10-29-2001, 01:02 PM
I cannot find these answers in technical books. If you could answer a few questions, I would be very appreciative.

1) As with Mac computers, does Outlook 2000 let PC users change the color of the text message in the Outlook calendar from black to, say, red or green text? I'd like the more important ones to be flagged in another color.

2) Macs allow users to color code their folders for organizational purposes. Does Win2000 Pro allow this?

3) I use Outlook Express 5. What is the most current version?

4) Can I use PowerPoint 2000 to create a slideshow of photographs that can be used as a screensaver?

5) How much of an improvement is Office 2002 (XP) over Office 2000?

Thank you very much for your assistance in advance.

Carnac the Magnificent!
10-30-2001, 08:25 AM
Let me bump this.

Does ANYONE know the answer to questions 1 & 2?