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JohnBckWLD 09-03-2002 07:10 PM

Top 6@6 Week #21: Post 6 Faves by Better Than Ezra & Week 20 Bowie/Bananarama Results
Another Monday (Tuesday actually due to the Labor Day Holiday), Another Closed Poll. Thanks to all the Dopers who responded. Last Week's David Bowie (What? No Tin Machine?!?) Poll Tally: 29 Voters / 174 Selections. Week 20's Bananarama Supplemental Poll Tally: 5 Voters / 30 Selections. On to business:

1st: Honorable Mentions, Notes & Asides
  • Everyone who voted this week…there were some excellent selections. I know how tough it was to whittle Bowies discography down to 6 fave tracks.
  • Sister Coyote (Who was honest and alerted the staff at the 6 @ 6 accounting office of the "Chicago-style" double vote)
  • Cat Fight ‡ Eonwe ‡ Hastur ‡ Kevja ‡ lothos2002 ‡ Ludovic ‡ singular1 ‡ The Clawman (Thanks for the Kind Words!): Newcomers to the 6 @ 6.
  • Requests for Band Polls: Spit’s (Whose e-mail inspired) Better Than Ezra request will be honored in this week’s (#21) poll thread and Dragon Phoenix’s request for Abba which will also be honored in this weeks supplemental poll thread …Keep an eye on the "Tentative Schedule" below for more details.

2nd: Venus Fly Trap
"High Search Count" words used to control results through demographic alterations...This week's desired group: Poets.
Will these keywords attract the followers of Erato, Calliope, Thaleia & Polyhymnia? Dylan Thomas (Whoever he was, the man ain’t got no culture, but it’s alright ma, everybody must get stoned), (You read your) Emily Dickinson, (And I my) Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, William Wordsworth, Al Pitmann, Paul O'Neill, John Keats, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Robert Burns, Alfred Lord Tennyson, William Shakespeare, Earle Birney, Margaret Atwood, A.R. Scammell, E.J. Pratt, Robert Service, Rubert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, William Butler Yeats, Edgar Allan Poe, Alden Nowlan, Stephen Spender, Jon Maseield, Christina Rossetti, Sylvia Plath, Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Blake, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, A.E. Housman, E.E. Cummings, T. S. Elliot, Henry Wadworth Longfellow, Bliss Carman, Dante Gabriel Rossettif, John Donne, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charlotte Mew & Leonard Cohen
Warning: Cheap search gimmick employed above

3rd: Increase the Hit Count
The Voters, Past & Present List – Designed for those who do vanity searches:
  • Voting In 12 Polls: astorian.
  • Voting In 10 Polls: WSLer. {Now only trailing astorian by 2 polls}
  • Voting In 7 Polls: dead0man, elfkin477, grendel72 & Mudshark & Skijumper.
  • Voting In 6 Polls: gex gex & Labdad.
  • Voting In 5 Polls: chief, Dragon Phoenix, Dryga_Yes, Fish42, Hugh Jass & Narrad.
  • Voting In 4 Polls: 5 time champ, RealityChuck & tourbot (well actually 3 1/6 polls for tour).
  • Voting In 3 Polls: galt (2X Posthumously), K364, Minor Irritant, Mr. Blue Sky, Newton meter, pldennison, plnnr, scout1222 & thermalribbon.
  • Voting In 2 Polls: capybara, cmkeller, epeepunk, essvee, Fenris, gonzoron, hazel-rah, Interrobang!?, John Carter of Mars, jolemale, Leifsmama, Living Dead Girl, Leechbabe, Manduck, panamajack, pepperlandgirl, SisterCoyote, Spit, Tit Whistle, Treviathan,Wartime Consigliori.
  • Voting In 1 Poll: 5-HT, Adam P., Airbeck, andrew Dupont, andros, arachnidlove, ArchiveGuy, auntie em, Bad Hat, bibliophile, bouv, bristlesage, bugg, cainxinth, Cat Fight, Chastain86, Cherry_Blossom_, ChristmasEve, Chrome Spot, Corbomite, da_pope, dinahmoe, easy e, Eonwe, Futile Gesture, gallows fodder, hajario, Happy Lendervedder, hardygrrl, Hastur, hawthorne, HenrySpencer, HoldenCaulfield, horhay_achoa, IJ Grieve, Jeremy's Evil Twin, Jonathan Chance, Kevja, Kyomara, lawoot, Leechboy, LindyHopper, Lockz, longjohn, lothos2002, Ludovic, LunaSea, matt_mcl, minty green, Mr. Green Fool, MsWhatsit, Reeder, saoirse, Sigmundex, singular1, Skip on, stankow, Supernate, tavalla, The Clawman, The Wrong Girl, ThePyroWeasel, Ukulele Ike, vinryk, waterj2, widdershins & -zorch.

4th: Past polls and Results:
The ever-growing scrap-heap of past band polls:
Banarama § David Bowie Boston § Bon Jovi § Blur § Belle & Sebastian § Blue Φyster Cult § Blondie § Blink 182 § Black Sabbath § Black Crowes § Bjork § B-52's § Chuck Berry § Beastie Boys § Jeff Beck § The Band § Beach Boys § Beatles § Animals § Tori Amos § Allman Brothers § AC/DC & Aerosmith polls.

5th: Week 19 Results:
Here are your David Bowie Selections:
Tabulation Notes: {a}Cat Fight – Your "Oh! You Pretty Things" was counted in lieu of "Modern Love" which you linked together as selection #6 {b}panamajack – Your "All the Young Dudes" was included…Bowie recorded it and it was later released on the Rarest compilation.

 1ST PLACE 
Space Oddity: With 16 Votes

 2ND PLACE 
Heroes: With 13 Votes

 3RD PLACE 
Suffragette City: With 12 Votes

 4TH PLACE 
Golden Years: With 11 Votes

 5TH PLACE 
Ashes To Ashes € Changes € Rebel Rebel: Tied With 10 Votes

 6TH PLACE 
Let's Dance: With 8 Votes

 7TH PLACE 
China Girl: With 7 Votes

 8TH PLACE 
The Man Who Sold The World € Young Americans: Tied With 5 Votes

 9TH PLACE 
Fame € Panic In Detroit € The Jean Genie € Ziggy Stardust: Tied With 4 Votes

 10TH PLACE 
Five Years € Hang On To Yourself € Modern Love € Rock 'n' Roll Suicide € Starman: Tied With 3 Votes

 11TH PLACE 
Dead Man Walking € Diamond Dogs € Drive-In Saturday € I’m Afraid of Americans (1 Vote Specified Version w/Trent Reznor - NIN) € Look Back in Anger € Moonage Daydream € Queen Bitch € Sound And Vision € This Is Not America (Theme From The Falcon And The Snowman): Tied With 2 Votes

 RUNNERS UP 
Aladdin Sane € All the Young Dudes € Blue Jean € Boys Keep Swinging € DJ € Fashion € John, I'm Only Dancing € Life on Mars € Little Wonder € Oh! You Pretty Things € Red Sails € Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) € See Emily Play € Speed of Life € TVC 15 € Under Pressure € Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed € Velvet Goldmine: With 1 Vote Each…NO Filler here. There are some surprisingly excellent selections in the runners-up category, due to the fact so many songs had to be cut off your lists to get it down to 6.

6th: Week 19’s Supplemental Poll Results
Here are your Bananarama Selections:

 1ST PLACE 
Cruel Summer € Robert DeNiro's Waiting: Tied With 5 Votes

 2ND PLACE 
Venus: With 4 Votes

 3RD PLACE 
I Heard a Rumour € Shy Boy: Tied With 3 Votes

 4TH PLACE 
He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’ € It Ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) {With Fun Boy 3} € Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye): Tied With 2 Votes

 RUNNERS UP 
Long Train Running € Love in the First Degree € Nathan Jones € Preacher Man: With 1 Vote Each.

7th: Disclaimers & Tentative Schedule
Based on requests and the like:
  • The Brown{e} Polls have been bumped a week to week #22 and will feature: James Brown with a Jackson Browne supplemental poll.
  • (The Bush) Week #23 will feature: Bush with a Kate Bush supplemental poll. Followed by...
  • (The retro folk-rock) Week #24 featuring: The Byrds (with Hugh Jass’es requested) Buffalo Springfield supplemental…Then it’s off to sail the C’s.
Poll requests: This is a democracy, so once again; if you feel I’ve alphabetically passed over a band, speak up. If I don’t hear to the contrary, we’ll be passing by bands like: The Blues Brothers, The Breeders, Brinsley Schwartz, Jimmy Buffet, Butthole Surfers and The Buzzcocks…just to name a few.

8th: Week #21’s Supplemental Poll (In another, as yet unknown thread)
I can’t provide a link to it because the featured poll and results get posted first. There will however be a link back to this thread in the supplemental poll but you can still access it one of 3 ways:
  1. Click the link on my signature.
  2. Access it through the Cafι Society page.
  3. Bog down the server and do a search on:
Dragon Phoenix’s requested band poll: The Euro-Pop smash of the late 70’s…Abba...which I have a hunch will receive more votes than this week’s featured artist listed below.

9th: Week #21’s Featured Poll Artist Discography(Reader’s Digest Version)
If your memory of the featured artist isn’t exactly up to speed, here’s a link to our featured their discography with 30 second cuts of some of their tracks when you drill down through the albums: Closer  How Does Your Garden Grow?  Friction Baby  Deluxe.

10th & Lastly: Week #21’s Featured Poll Artist
Without further ado, the critically-acclaimed, sophomore-jinxed trio from Fudge Studios, New Orleans: Our 20th "B" band … Better Than Ezra.

Here are my 6 BETTER THAN EZRA picks:

6. Southern Girl: (I want one too, but I live too far away)
5. Misunderstood: (For that waitress I know who I hope makes to the big time one day soon)
4. Closer: (Tourbot, please don’t post a message saying I have them confused with Nine Inch Nails)
3. One More Murder: (One of the few things I liked about the X-Files movie)
2. In The Blood: (When I first heard it, I thought it was a follow up single to the Gin Blossoms "New Miserable Experience")
1. Good: (For Peg)

Thanking you all in advance. Have a great week.

Treviathan 09-03-2002 09:03 PM

If there's one musical genre I'm all over, it's middle-of-the-road angst-ridden mid-90's alternative bands:

1. Good
2. Desperately Wanting
4. At The Stars
5. Allison Foley
6. Under You

Ludovic 09-03-2002 10:09 PM

Wow, i didnt know Bowie covered see emily play!!!!!:eek:

i really ought to look for that sometime...

Spit 09-05-2002 03:22 PM

I saw a link to this and thought "COOL!". I was going to ask for one, but then thought that not many people would respond. (Nor would I be able to narrow it down to 6 songs)


6) Desperately Wanting
5) Strange Funny Way
4) Good
3) Lifetime
2) Live Again
1) In the Blood This one is easy, I've heard it in excess -no joke- of 3000 times....and I'm still not tired of it.

That was tough. They have hardly made a song I didn't care for. (Other than the whole Waxing/Waning thing)

Nocturne 09-05-2002 07:16 PM

6. Misunderstood
5. Everything in 2s
4. Silly Fools
2. Good
1. In the Blood

elfkin477 09-05-2002 07:18 PM

Wow, this was a hard one! My #1 was a given, since I played it over 100 times the first week or so I had Deluxe but #2 and #3.... :eek

6. Hung the Moon
5. In The Blood
4. Long Lost
3. Desperately Wanting
2. Good
1. Porcelain

However, were this a top ten list I'd have to throw in votes for One More Murder, Normal Town, Rosealia and King of New Orleans to round it out :D

Hey, did anyone know there really is a band called Ezra? It seems their first cd didn't come out until 1998, though, according to their listings at cdnow.

elfkin477 09-07-2002 06:55 PM

What was the decision regarding if there'd be a Butthole Surfers poll or not? I really like some of their singles, but I'm not sure I even know as many as six of them off the top of my head...

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