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Kedikat 02-18-2018 04:47 AM

Yellowstone caldera, alternate scenarios.
It seems the Yellowstone caldera only has one operating mode. Big BOOM.
Is there a known reason for this? Something to do with the basic structure? But the surface over the hot spot moves. Presenting different structures. Leaving past structures behind. Some other hot spots express as chains of volcanoes. Why does the Yellowstone express as recurring massive explosions?

Is it possible that it may evolve into a volcano chain instead of a huge caldera that blows open all at once?

To the north west, in British Columbia Canada. A hot spot has expressed as a series of volcanoes that go dormant as the plate moves along. Hawaii expresses in this way too.

Why does Yellowstone continue to be as it has been for so long. In spite of the plate moving new territory over it.

Unfortunately, I discovered the Live Earthquake Map. And have been obsessively watching for the Big One. It has got me thinking about all sorts of geophysics now.

Quartz 02-18-2018 06:58 AM

Doesn't it go through mountain-building first before going boom?

Anyway, the Yellowstone hotspot has moved. See this picture.

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