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Johnny L.A. 03-23-2020 01:30 PM

Quarantine duration
As I understand it, COVID-19 will manifest itself within 14 days of exposure to the coronavirus. First question: Is that correct?

Second question: Assuming one gets COVID-19,
  • How long does it take to run its course?
  • How long after initial exposure until the person is no longer contagious?
  • How long after a person recovers (e.g. fever breaks, etc.) until the person is no longer contagious?

If you have been practicing social distancing, hand-washing, etc., how long until you can be reasonably certain that you have not been exposed?

Johnny L.A. 03-24-2020 11:00 AM


FinsToTheLeft 03-24-2020 11:27 AM

There is a bunch of factual information at the CDC site.

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