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Arkcon 07-19-2019 04:18 PM

iPhone horror game
There was a game for the iPhone some years ago, it came out around Halloween. I can't remember its title, or even quickly name the genre ... I can only describe it, and hope it rings a bell for people ...

OK. I think its for the iPhone only, I didn't have an iPhone then, so I never played it. I think I found its on, before that went defunct,(and now revived, a little paler than it was.) Basically, you used your phone in night mode (is that a thing?) to navigate your own home or other space. And horror themed things would be overlaid on the image. Probably the best would be muffed footsteps over your head, with dust raining down from the ceiling ahead of you, and probably some sort of jump scares, or something.

"Oh, so like Pokeman Go except horror themes." Said one person I described it to recently.

That is pretty much it. It may have come out no more than a year and a half before the Pokeman Go craze hit. It was probably just when the technology came about.

Anyone know what game I'm talking about? I've finally gotten a phone and the bandwidth to play such a game, and I've finally met some people who say they'd actually like this sort of game -- it was impossible for me to convince any IPhone user I knew to try this game out, they were too scared.

Exeter5 07-20-2019 08:12 AM

Those types of games are called augmented reality games. AR for short. Googling "AR horror game" turns up Night Terrors.

Arkcon 07-20-2019 12:18 PM

That's for explaining the genre name, that will make it easier to track down.

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