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Seven 05-16-2001 04:17 AM

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble movie was on cable the other night and I forced myself to watch it. Mostly because I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remembered it to be.

It was.

So, at the end of the movie he walks from his human habitrail and rides off into the sunset with his snooty girlfriend.
They say it's a true story. When I do a search on his name I find nothing about him.. anywhere. I find lots about the movie, but nothing on him personaly.

Does anyone know anything about this guy? Did he live to a ripe old age? Did he fall off the horse and crack open his head? Or did Aaron Spelling lie to me and it's not a real person after all?

Lsura 05-16-2001 06:06 AM

Ok, I searched on google for "immune system" bubble boy health and discovered his name was really David Vetter. From there, I found this site which states:

. Montgomery and the other two original doctors convinced the Vetters that an unmatched bone marrow transplant was a risk worth taking. The transplant was set for October 21, 1983, precisely a month after David's 12th birthday...He died on February 22. An autopsy revealed that David's body was riddled with tumors; he died of Burkitt's lymphoma.

Joe_Cool 05-16-2001 01:13 PM

I was going to say that George punctured his bubble while arguing over a Trivial Pursuit answer ("the moops"), but then I remembered hearing about that kid when I was little.

I would have made the same decision his parents did. I'd much prefer to die trying to live a normal life, rather than to live confined in a plastic biosphere all my life. That would be horrible. What really weirded me out about the story when I first heard it was that he was almost exactly a year younger than me, and at 10 or 11 years old, it was a really disturbing thought that a kid my age could have a terminal disease like that.

Fiver 05-16-2001 02:21 PM

I think, Joe_Cool, they no longer put people in bubbles when they're born with compromised immune systems. The expense is too high and the quality of life is too low. Plus, we have remedies we didn't have before, like (more effective) bone marrow transplants.

Miss Creant 05-17-2001 12:23 AM

Yeah, but can they put people in bubbles when they are allergic to everything on the planet and have the coordination of a peanut? I could use one of those. At least one of those lovely suits. Maybe in a mauve

Seven 05-23-2001 04:52 AM


Originally posted by Lsura
Ok, I searched on google for "immune system" bubble boy health and discovered his name was really David Vetter. From there, I found this site

Wow.. nice find. Thanks.

After reading that it makes me hate that movie more.
Spelling took a really sad story and turned it into a glossy, candy-coated, sicky sweet story.

Too bad. I think people should know what really happened.

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