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Aspidistra 01-11-2019 03:25 AM

"Irregular Verbs" - the game.
You know the kind of thing:

I - am consistent
you - are predictable
she - is a total stick in the mud

I - am creative
you - are eccentric
he - is a fuckin' loon

Gimme your best shot :D

gkster 01-11-2019 04:56 AM

I -am high-spirited
you - are emotional
he - is out of control

penultima thule 01-11-2019 05:24 AM

I brief ;
You leak;
He has been prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

Cardigan 01-11-2019 07:21 AM

I - am prudent
you - are overly cautions
he - is paralyzed by fear

Andy L 01-11-2019 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by penultima thule (Post 21424420)
I brief ;
You leak;
He has been prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

Bernard Wooley said

"I give confidential press briefings; you leak; he's being charged under section 2A of the Official Secrets Act."

Annie-Xmas 01-11-2019 08:15 AM

I'm a creative original
You have some quirks
He's a total whackadoodle

Cardigan 01-11-2019 08:17 AM

I - tell it like it is
you - are too blunt
he - is an effing asshole

Prof. Pepperwinkle 01-11-2019 08:21 AM

I - have refined tastes in music
You - are a product of your culture
He - listens to utter garbage

Annie-Xmas 01-11-2019 08:46 AM

I've made love to over a thousand people.
You are sexually indiscriminate
She's a total slut dog who will fuck anyone

Prof. Pepperwinkle 01-11-2019 08:49 AM

I - have an ear to the grass roots
You - have a Facebook account
He - is a common gossip

Cardigan 01-11-2019 08:59 AM

I - am precise
you - are pedantic
she - is incapable of seeing the woods for the trees

Annie-Xmas 01-11-2019 09:01 AM

I -delight the message boards with my many interesting postings
You - are totally addicted to this place
He - just cannot shut up about things we don't care about

Knowed Out 01-11-2019 10:01 AM

I - drive correctly
You - drive like a senile gorilla
He - drives like a complete idiot and should be locked up

Cardigan 01-11-2019 10:33 AM

I - am beefy
You - have let yourself go
He - is a fat slob

gkster 01-11-2019 02:31 PM

I - am brilliantly well-informed about world affairs
you- have some knowledge about current events
He - is an insufferable know-it-all

Oly 01-11-2019 07:56 PM

I'm sex-positive.
You're kinky.
They are total preverts!

boson 01-11-2019 11:20 PM

I believe in God
You believe in Jesus.
He believes in ancient myths.

Karen Lingel 01-14-2019 07:06 PM

I'm right.
You're a stickler.
She's wholly inflexible.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 01-14-2019 08:41 PM

I dress to kill.
You are au courrant in fashion.
She got dressed in a dumpster.

KneadToKnow 01-15-2019 06:18 AM

I respond.
You over-react.
He pitches a fit.

Cardigan 01-15-2019 08:06 AM

I - give careful consideration
you - overthink things
she - dithers endlessly

Annie-Xmas 01-15-2019 08:17 AM

I - follow a carefully planned diet
You - are pedantic about your food choices
He - is a total food faddist nutjob

Prof. Pepperwinkle 01-15-2019 10:02 AM

I am an actively responsible citizen.
You follow the news and vote.
He voted for Trump.

penultima thule 01-15-2019 03:49 PM

I am a linguist
You are a pedant
He is a grammar nazi

Annie-Xmas 01-16-2019 09:26 AM

I - have a horrible, non-smoking related medical condition that makes me cough
You - ought to try suppressing that annoying noise you make after you smoke
He - annoys everyone with his loud, insistent, chronic smoking related noises

Cardigan 01-16-2019 01:23 PM

I - enjoy a healthy and active sex life
You - are oversexed
He - is a freakin' pervert

Knowed Out 01-16-2019 01:34 PM

I - am a true (scifi show/comic book title/genre) fan
You - are at a tolerable level, but you're not really as devoted as I am
He - is a poser and is just embarrassing himself

KneadToKnow 01-17-2019 06:23 AM

I did what had to be done.
You killed someone in cold blood.
He is a traitor who betrayed his country.

This post brought to you by the 24 Club.

Oly 01-17-2019 07:16 AM

I appreciate the virtuosity displayed by the great masters of classic rock.
You are too unimaginative to listen to any new music.
He is totally stuck in the past, man.

penultima thule 01-17-2019 03:42 PM

I take great care with the activities of my department
You micromanage
He is a monomaniacal control freak.

Karen Lingel 01-18-2019 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by penultima thule (Post 21437176)
I take great care with the activities of my department
You micromanage
He is a monomaniacal control freak.

Good one!

Annie-Xmas 01-19-2019 08:41 AM

I - believe all people should be treated equally
You - fight too much for the underdogs of society
She - is a radical lesbian Feminazi

Cardigan 01-21-2019 07:49 AM

I - maintain my youthful enthusiasm
You - are trying to relive your glory days
He - acts childishly immature

Elendil's Heir 01-21-2019 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Knowed Out (Post 21424883)
I - drive correctly
You - drive like a senile gorilla
He - drives like a complete idiot and should be locked up

Reminds me of George Carlin's, "Everyone who drives slower than you is a moron; everyone who drives faster than you is a maniac."

I appreciate a good book
You are a bit of a bookworm
She should get outside more often

panache45 01-22-2019 10:15 AM

I have attractive crow's feet.
You are showing your age.
She looks like her 90-year-old grandmother.

Little Nemo 01-22-2019 11:56 AM

I am reserved.
You are introverted.
He is boring.

Annie-Xmas 01-22-2019 12:00 PM

My team is the best
Your team got lucky
His team cheated

panache45 01-22-2019 12:58 PM

My car is a classic
Your car has seen better days.
His car has been sold for parts.

boson 01-22-2019 11:42 PM

I am a genius.
You are clever.
She is pretentious.

Annie-Xmas 01-23-2019 08:34 AM

I have a great sense of humor.
You laugh at anything.
His constantly laughing annoys me.

Cardigan 01-23-2019 09:11 AM

I am a visionary
you are not always practical
she is just a dreamer

Little Nemo 01-23-2019 01:59 PM

I have widespread interests.
You lack focus.
He is scatter-brained.

Elendil's Heir 01-23-2019 02:13 PM

I like to travel a bit.
You really get around.
He is a wanted fugitive.

Rick Kitchen 01-23-2019 02:19 PM

I have a loving relationship.
You are a serial dater.
He sleeps around.

Elendil's Heir 01-23-2019 03:32 PM

I enjoy a nice glass of wine now and then.
You're an oenophile.
He's a wino.

Cardigan 01-25-2019 07:34 AM

I have a puckish nature
You are mischievous
He is a troublemaker

Elendil's Heir 01-25-2019 11:57 AM

I enjoy good food.
You are a gourmet.
He is a gluttonous pig.

Annie-Xmas 01-26-2019 08:52 AM

I enjoy a cozy mystery now and then.
You need to upgrade your choice of literature.
He reads trash.

Rick Kitchen 01-26-2019 01:06 PM

I collect classic books.
You have stacks of unread books.
He is a hoarder.

Elendil's Heir 01-26-2019 11:03 PM

I like cats.
You could, I must say, stand to have fewer felines.
She is a crazy cat lady.

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