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Beckdawrek 07-31-2018 11:59 PM

3rd letter g

She had no________.

Spoons 08-01-2018 12:36 AM

... idea that the word sought was "digit."

Because when it comes to puzzles, elephants ...

Happy Lendervedder 08-01-2018 12:48 AM better with pictures than words.

The elementary school teacher sauntered into the airport Applebee's like...

Beckdawrek 08-01-2018 01:12 AM

It was a 5 star restuarant.

Lucky for her they had______.

Spoons 08-01-2018 01:22 AM

... both kinds of wine: red and white.

As she perused the menu, she noticed ...

Prof. Pepperwinkle 08-01-2018 07:05 AM was in Sanskrit.

Thinking quickly, she...

Beckdawrek 08-01-2018 09:15 AM

Pointed to a menu item and hoped for the best.

What she got was_____.

Alpha Twit 08-01-2018 09:26 AM

not... the best.

Perusing the menu in a Scottish restaurant.....

Elendil's Heir 08-01-2018 11:33 AM

, you take your life into your own hands if you order anything other than the haggis with a side of fries.

The best thing about visiting Scotland in August is _________________

Happy Lendervedder 08-01-2018 12:30 PM

...the black flies spend most of their time under kilts, so they don't bother the tourists.

Scotland Yard called with information about your...

Beckdawrek 08-01-2018 12:51 PM

Lost cat. Found living with the Queens corgis.

Off to the pet shop for______.

Elendil's Heir 08-01-2018 02:06 PM

eight capybaras, three stoats and an emu, just like Great Aunt Edna asked for.

I tried juggling emus once, but _________________

Cardigan 08-01-2018 02:49 PM

when I dropped them and they crashed to the ground stoats immediately set about devouring them.

The most wonderful thing about Australia.....

snfaulkner 08-01-2018 05:53 PM an Outback Steakhouse on every corner.

Would you believe...

Patx2 08-01-2018 07:37 PM

kangaroos adore bloomin’ onions.

Just last week, as a matter of fact,...

Beckdawrek 08-01-2018 07:40 PM

I ate Kangaroo pie. So good.

Shouldn't eat too much or______.

CharmaChameleon 08-01-2018 11:13 PM

I get jumped up or hoppy or something,

but then there's ...

Spoons 08-01-2018 11:22 PM

... the fun of boxing.

Though I prefer wrestling, because ...

Beckdawrek 08-01-2018 11:28 PM

Sumo pants are so fun to wear.

Sushi makes me_______.

Patx2 08-02-2018 11:14 AM


My goldfish has taught me that...

snfaulkner 08-02-2018 05:24 PM

...there is no escape that doesn't result in death.


Beckdawrek 08-02-2018 05:42 PM

Ka-blooie and bam!

The comics I read are_______.

snfaulkner 08-02-2018 05:45 PM

...all bazooka joe wrappers.

The bombs dropped...

Beckdawrek 08-03-2018 02:19 AM

Were bad jokes. I was heckled mercilessly.

So I quit my stand up career for_____.

Spoons 08-03-2018 02:40 AM

... driving a taxi instead.

One rainy night, I picked up a passenger named Sue, who wanted to go to ...

Cardigan 08-03-2018 09:38 AM

to the bathroom, but I told her "not in my cab you don't."

Another thing about being a cabbie is........

Knowed Out 08-03-2018 09:53 AM

... trying to avoid wrecks while watching couples do the dirty behind you in the rearview mirror.

The movie I want to see is ...

CharmaChameleon 08-03-2018 10:18 PM

... never going to be made.

But I'm interested in old time ...

Happy Lendervedder 08-03-2018 10:37 PM

...television shows that were never made.

The albatross tasted...

Beckdawrek 08-03-2018 10:42 PM

Fishy and smelled worse around my neck!

I am not gonna go out alone in my boat anymore because_____.

Alpha Twit 08-04-2018 12:02 AM

I forget to shower and I start smelling like last week's bait.

The last time I went fishing,......

Spoons 08-04-2018 05:22 AM

... all I caught was a cold.

I guess it didn't help that I was trying to fish ...

Beckdawrek 08-04-2018 02:15 PM

In the nude. In Canada, no less.

I try not to_____.

RivkahChaya 08-04-2018 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by Beckdawrek (Post 21127585)
I try not to_____.

buy anymore pinball machines, but it's becoming a habit.

Happy families are. . .

Spoons 08-04-2018 11:54 PM

... those who enjoy doing things together, such as playing pinball.

In fact, the last time I was in an arcade ...

RivkahChaya 08-05-2018 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by Spoons (Post 21128255)
In fact, the last time I was in an arcade ...

...I played air hockey with my son.

I almost got hit by a puck. . .

Beckdawrek 08-05-2018 03:29 AM

duck, a new species just discovered.

I regret_____.

Spoons 08-05-2018 04:59 AM

... playing air hockey.

I should have just kept to playing ...

RivkahChaya 08-05-2018 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by Spoons (Post 21128513)
I should have just kept to playing ...

Lost World. I got 14 games off one quarter, but then lost, so I figured I was pinballed out for the day, and wanted to play something with my son. Maybe we should have played Block-Out.

Who lives in a pineapple. . .

betterlifethroughchemistry 08-05-2018 04:34 PM

...under the sea, which drove me crazy as the kids watched him over and over again, it was only slightly less annoying than____

RivkahChaya 08-05-2018 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by betterlifethroughchemistry (Post 21129223)
...under the sea, which drove me crazy as the kids watched him over and over again, it was only slightly less annoying than____

"Mmm-bop." Which I had to listen to when I was working with a 6-year-old.

Let's change. . .

betterlifethroughchemistry 08-05-2018 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by RivkahChaya (Post 21129288)
Let's change. . .

gears here, because what I really wanted to talk about is...

snfaulkner 08-05-2018 05:45 PM

...the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

There are some who would say....

betterlifethroughchemistry 08-05-2018 05:53 PM's a mystery, and I strongly disagree, life is truly...

Beckdawrek 08-05-2018 06:23 PM

A bowl of strawberries. You thought I was gonna say cherries, didn't ya? I like to stir the pot so_____.

RivkahChaya 08-05-2018 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by Beckdawrek (Post 21129390)
A bowl of strawberries. You thought I was gonna say cherries, didn't ya? I like to stir the pot so_____.

everything cooks evenly.

My favorite recipe. . .

snfaulkner 08-05-2018 07:47 PM

...dies with me.

Nobody is worthy enough to know the secret of my...

Patx2 08-05-2018 07:56 PM

success and my dips.

Some dips are...

Beckdawrek 08-05-2018 08:10 PM

In a pool at night, in the nude and skinny.

You could get moon-burned if you______.

betterlifethroughchemistry 08-05-2018 11:35 PM

don't wear a hat, I like hats, a fedora is my favorite, I put one on and I think I look like...

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