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alphaboi867 12-21-2016 08:02 PM

Schitt's Creek; what eactly do the Roses get out of owning the town?
I started watching reruns on Pop a few weeks ago spend part of my sick day yesterday binge-watched the rest of season 1 on Amazon. I like the show, but what exactly to the Roses (or rather David since it's technically his name on the deed) get out of owning Schitt's Creek (other than a free motel room)? :confused: What does "owning a town" even mean? They don't have any control over the municipal government (& the mayor has to approve any sale), and if they just own all of the land in the town wouldn't they get some kind of rental income? Or do they just own "municipal property" like the town hall and the roads"

nightshadea 12-21-2016 08:24 PM

from what little bit ive seen of the show .... they bought it as a joke to say "how rich and superior we are and never paid it much attention until it became the last thing they owned and needed a free place to live

But there are people who own a whole town and all the land and buildings in it because most of the places like it are abandoned ghost towns with no local government

see McCarthy Alaska and the reality show "edge of Alaska" about it ..... it was an old mining town until the late 30s owned by a guy named neil (I forget the last name)he runs it as a tourist spot but everyone pays him for just about everything there or works for him

the conflict of the show is about hin trying to open up the mine for tours and the like and the die hard "off the grid" types that live around there that don't want the "real" world and tourist ruining it

PastTense 12-21-2016 11:00 PM

OP: why do you like the show? I found the characters unappealing.

ftg 12-22-2016 09:26 AM

A real life example is actress Kim Basinger who bought almost all the private property of Braselton, GA to develop it for tourism purposes.

Bad idea.

In this case, she owned nearly 90% of the private land. None of the public land. Was "just" another landowner (and not even a resident). But when you own that much of a town, you can generally get things done that others would have a hard time doing. After all, developing some of the land leads to a higher tax base and towns love higher tax bases so permits, etc., are easier to get.

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