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Jester 08-18-2000 02:15 PM

Okay, well, this is my 50th post, and I decided that people seem to like them party type things. So....seeing as how I'm trying to fight my status as a newbie, I thought I should have one of my own.

Since this is only 50, and not 1000, I couldn't afford the yaht. Instead, I stole one of Weirddave's lifeboats. Currently, I'm drifting out here, with a couple six packs, a bag of chips, and a really dumb looking party hat. I'm having fun out here, but I need some company, dammit! If you talk to the guy at the dock, he'll probably rent you a motorboat to come out and tie up with me, all expenses payed. Here's hoping!

<Jester sits back, about to pop open a beer and wait, then decides that there aren't enough to spare, and saves em for everybody else>

struuter 08-18-2000 02:33 PM

*pokes head out from under a tarp*
Happy 50th. Hey...stay away from that ice. What's he say in that movie? Ah yes...'You could melt all this...STUFF.'

Wobbie 08-18-2000 02:38 PM

<pulls up in another life boat>

Jester!! I stopped by Wierddave's party, but things are dead. There are only like 2 people left. So I decided to steal a lifeboat and come and join you.

<attempts to grab Jester's bow line to tie the boats together but misses and falls in the water. Eventually climbs out and gives jester a big hug>

I love you man. Happy 50th.

<Grabs a beer sits down and starts mumbling about how it's amazing just how many boats you could fit into this tiny swimming pool>

inoci 08-18-2000 02:48 PM

hey jester, you have room for all these monkies?

Sealemon88 08-18-2000 02:54 PM

Hey, congrats on your 50. I brought a couple of things for the occasion: two pieces of gum, some lint, and a used crack pipe.


Wobbie 08-18-2000 03:10 PM

<looking at the monkey's>

Hey Jester. Let's toss these little guys into the water and have them fight. That would be cool. Unless of course they can't swim. Ohh, I never thought of that. THen they would just drown. THat would just suck so much.

<walking over to one of them and attempts to pet it>

I guess we couold just throw one in to see if they float. Come here little guy. We're going to conduct a little experiment with you....AAGGGGHHHH!!

<starts to run around the small life boat with a monkey latched onto his face. eventually he falls into the water and the monkey lets go and floats away. climbs back onto the boat with a smile and scratches all over his face>

Okay, they float. Let's toss them in.

<starts to walk toward the monkeys who are huddled into one corner but is distracted by the used crack pipe>

Hey, what's this. Ohh, I know. Does anybody have any bubble mix.

Wobbie 08-18-2000 03:13 PM

<walks over to the life boat stutter is in and knocks on tarp>

Mind if I come in?

Revedge 08-18-2000 03:14 PM

Congrats Jester.

At least you got a party. When I hit 100 I made a really witty post that fit seamlessly into the parameters of the OP while still mentioning that it was number 100 and no one even noticed. Sigh. :rolleyes:

<tries to hand Jester another sixpack for the party, slips and falls into pool.>

struuter 08-18-2000 03:18 PM


Originally posted by Wobbie
<walks over to the life boat stutter is in and knocks on tarp>

Mind if I come in?

Oh my lord, you are soooooo funny. I am still laughing my ass off over your monkey post. That was classic.
You've won me over. I think Jester is looking for other ladies to entertain him. Besides, you need some tending to.
*touches scratched face* Come in here with me. You'll be safe...

...from the monkeys anyway. ;)

Spider 08-18-2000 03:18 PM

Happy 50th.

Now for the real reason I'm here...Struuter, That was My Blue Heaven, right? Tell me now, cuz I go home in 1/2 an hour, and If I'm not sure by then I'm gonna have to waste this weekend renting that movie.

Jester 08-18-2000 03:18 PM

Okay, I think Wobbie's gotten a bit too overstimulated for a small boat.

<shoots Wobbie with a tranquilizer dart meant for the monkeys>

Ahhhhhh....that's better.

Thanks, Revedge. I've learned that, unless you either say something completely dumb, or get into a really intelligent debate, nobody ever notices you here. Guess which option I chose.

struuter 08-18-2000 03:23 PM


Originally posted by Spider
Happy 50th.

Now for the real reason I'm here...Struuter, That was My Blue Heaven, right? Tell me now, cuz I go home in 1/2 an hour, and If I'm not sure by then I'm gonna have to waste this weekend renting that movie.

Well shit. Here I thought I was the reason you stopped by. :) Yes, it was the same. I've saved your weekend. Have a good one, Spider.

Jester 08-18-2000 03:55 PM

Alright, this party's starting to run out the necessities, so I think I'll raid the next boat that comes by.

<Raises pirate flag over row-boat>

Okay, now I just need some crew-members.

<Glances over at monkeys, smiles>

BINGO. As luck would have it, Weirddave stashed some little pirate outfits in the boat, too. (Don't ask me why, I got no clue). Heeeeeeeerrrrreeee, monkeysmonkeysmonkeys.

<Lunges at monkey, is immeadiately attacked by the others>


<pant, pant> Okay, I finally got em dressed up, bt I also had to used all the materials in the first aid kit on myself. Oh well, small price to pay. Now, on to the looting.

<Sees a ship off on the horizon>

Beautiful. That should be an easy target. Plenty of room for beer on that one, and probably some more wimminfolk.

Hey, what does that sign on the side say? I can barely make it out. "Cooooo....aaaa....sssss....tttt.....Guuuu...aaaaa...rrrr.d"

"Coast Guard?" What kind of a ship name is tha....oh, shit.
Hey, guys, good joke, huh? Bet you really thought I was a pirate!

<Comes back on a piece of driftwood from what used to be the rowboat>

Okay, anybody got any other ideas?

Anniz 08-18-2000 04:04 PM

Gratulerar(congratulations) on your first 50 posts.
Wow, it sounds dangerous to join you here,
so no boat here, well then I'll swim back....
probably safest, but who wants that on the outher hand....

inoci 08-18-2000 04:15 PM

jester! it isn't "coast guard", its "Ghost Card". it my personnal missile-cruiser. c'mon and hop aboard, and we can pillage these sea lanes for months!

and bring the monkeys. i have a plan...

inoci 08-18-2000 04:16 PM

oh, and we have to stop by sweden, just in case anniz gets drunk again. i hear she can get pretty frisky.

Anniz 08-18-2000 04:21 PM


Originally posted by inoci
oh, and we have to stop by sweden, just in case anniz gets drunk again. i hear she can get pretty frisky.
You're right don't give me to many beers,
then I can't behave.:D

Jester 08-18-2000 04:35 PM

Inoci, you are a godsend.

<addresses crowd, relatively small though it may be>

Hey everybody! Now we're drunk, wild, looking for trouble, and HEAVILY ARMED!!! Let's go!

Sweden, eh? Yeah, I'm all about that. Off we go!

Wobbie 08-18-2000 04:43 PM

<just before he gets under the tarp, a tranquilizer dart hits Wobbie in the ass and he falls into the boat. When he comes to, he sees Struuters face>

OUCH!!!! Ok who shot me in the ass? Who was it?

<Looks around to see everyone except him and struuter boarding a missle cruiser>

Oh well, looks like we're all alone, my dear. WOuld you mind going down and pulling that dart out of my ass. And while your down there, see what else you can find.

<pulls the tarp over them>

fierra 08-18-2000 06:29 PM

Jester my sweet -
could we make this a joint party, as I just hit my hundredth in Eve's date thread? If you object to semi hijacks, I'll take the band, the dancing girls, the booze & food & go to that really nice large empty thread over there...

Yeah, I got a hundred!!!! Dances tango in middle of room to the amazement of onlookers & suddenly realises she's dancing on her own when she does the bend backwards part...

Damn that hurt. Oh well! Congrats Jester, it's amazing how mpsims suddenly puts your post count up!

Jester 08-19-2000 09:45 PM

Yeah, sure, joint parties are fun. Besides, you said you got food, right? That's good, cause inoci's boat kicks ass, but the K-rations are starting to get stale.

Yes, I've nestled myself comfortably in MPSIMS, it just fits me. Let everyone else have their "intellectual" conversation. Throw me a beer and some flirting anytime!

Happy 100!

Kaz 08-19-2000 10:01 PM

Wait it's just me! don't shoot! Toss down a ladder or somethin so I can join that party!


Originally posted by Jester
Hey everybody! Now we're drunk, wild, looking for trouble, and HEAVILY ARMED!!! Let's go!
Hey, that's drunk, wild, looking for trouble, heavily armed, and we have crazy monkeys in pirate suits!

Jester 08-19-2000 10:08 PM

Hey, c'mon aboard! The more, the merrier! After all, more people means more inflation of Jester's ego! If you get me REALLY drunk on imaginary power, I may go for rookie of the year! I could do it! Really! Hey, guys? Why are you all laughing at that?

Oh, yeah, watch out for the monkeys, I think they have fleas.
<scratches all over>

Tisme 08-19-2000 10:36 PM

Happy 50th Jester. Sorry, I can't join you out there, the rotton guy at the dock wouldn't let me have a boat.
Be seein' ya.

Mamapotomus 08-19-2000 10:45 PM

Hello! Beer delivery! I could only get two kegs on the jet-ski, I hope thats ok.... Happy 50, Jester!

Hey, I just noticed how close I'm getting to 100......

Derleth 08-19-2000 10:56 PM

::Flies over in flying boat, lands near the lifeboat.::

Hey, you can't have a good party without something stronger than beer!

::Tosses some cases over to the lifeboat. The cases float, and they have ropes for easy towing. Smart, ain't I?::

The brown bottles are whiskey, the clear ones are vodka, the green ones are absinthe. Or not, it depends on the jurisdiction. ;)

::Notices crazed primates. Tosses them some bananas. Laughs as they grab wildly for them, eating them as fast as they can peels and all.::

Have fun! The plane's autopilot will be set to follow the party, in case something more interesting happens.

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