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Darren Garrison 03-26-2020 05:59 PM

A naysayer stops saying "nay."
A traveling pastor who did claim that the concern over the virus was fake news designed to hurt Trump and that God would protect him because he was a pastor has stopped saying things ever again.

monstro 03-26-2020 06:07 PM

That is wild.

Snowboarder Bo 03-26-2020 06:21 PM

It wasn't the disease that killed him; that was just his god calling him home, right?

Esprise Me 03-26-2020 06:53 PM


That same day he shared a post telling a “true” story of a missionary who cared miraculously for bubonic plague victims without himself succumbing to the illness. That post explained that “As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me.”

I can't be too smug, though. I was in New Orleans a week before he arrived, and my husband was in Mexico with my blessing when this idiot posted the above. Knock on wood, we haven't gotten sick, and I still think we're likely to survive if we do. But we weren't taking this all that seriously until about a week and a half ago.

JRDelirious 03-26-2020 07:09 PM

Damn. Well, one wishes that Jesus is letting him have it about how it is written, thou shall not put thy Lord to the test.

And NOLA during Mardi Gras season is pretty much example 1 of Where Not To Be and What Not To Do when it comes to this type of infection...

Be well, Esprise Me + hubs.

Darren Garrison 03-27-2020 03:54 PM

And another one. This one thought


“We’re not able to break bread, sit down and eat with each other because Caesar is mandating how we conduct ourselves using the pretext of this virus to be able to conduct our lives and run our lives for us,” he continued.

He then began listing various discussions and conspiracy theories that have been circulating online and in discussion groups about the virus.

“Now, here’s a theory. It was brought to my attention that this virus thing, people die from the flu more than they’ve died from this virus. In my opinion, death is death. I don’t care what it’s by. But I listened and they say well, it’s something that’s come up. And now everything is being shut down, borders are being closed, and they’re gonna come up with a vaccine because they are keeping everybody away from each other just so that they can install martial law,” Hampton said.

“They’re gonna come up with a vaccine and in that vaccine everybody is gonna have to take it … and inside of that vaccine there’s going to be some type of electronic computer device that’s gonna put some type of chip in you and maybe even have some mood, mind-altering circumstances … and they’re saying that the chip would be the mark of the beast,” he continued.

He then noted that some people have even been saying that the coronavirus is a sign of the last days before urging Christians not to get caught up in the “paranoia” surrounding the virus.

Thudlow Boink 03-27-2020 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo (Post 22212908)
It wasn't the disease that killed him; that was just his god calling him home, right?

I'm imagine Jesus calling him home so he could dope-slap him.

Darren Garrison 04-05-2020 05:41 PM

Yet another conspiracy theorist contracts a fatal case of irony.

Melbourne 04-06-2020 04:09 AM

If I believed this kind of thing: The government is killing off those who speak truth to power.

Exapno Mapcase 04-06-2020 10:47 AM

The Bible is the word of God and is absolute. But "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" has a thousand meanings that can conveniently be twisted to support whatever you feel like.

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