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Dendarii Dame 05-11-2017 03:42 PM

Is there going to be a test?

ekedolphin 05-11-2017 07:32 PM

Unnnh... am I disqualified?

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-12-2017 07:39 AM

It doesn't matter. It's in the past.

Dendarii Dame 05-12-2017 01:24 PM

Don't overthink it, kid.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-12-2017 01:31 PM

Hakuna matata.

ekedolphin 05-12-2017 03:10 PM

I gotta lambada!

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-12-2017 04:02 PM

Salagodoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Dendarii Dame 05-13-2017 01:44 PM

Odd's Bodkins. Gad zooks. Take a look at that spook of spooks.

ekedolphin 05-13-2017 04:12 PM


Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-13-2017 04:17 PM

Portobello Road, Portobello Road
Street where the riches of ages are stowed.
Anything and everything a chap can unload
Is sold off the barrow in Portobello road.

ekedolphin 05-14-2017 04:23 AM

We're merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily on our way to nowhere in particular!
We're merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily on our way, though the roads are perpendicular!

Dendarii Dame 05-14-2017 12:18 PM

How can I rest? Who's going to finish building the camp out at the lake? Who's gonna get the free lumber and who's gonna get the free labor?

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-14-2017 12:44 PM

In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.

ekedolphin 05-14-2017 08:45 PM

I don't want to go on an outing! I want to tidy up the nursery again!

Dendarii Dame 05-15-2017 12:54 PM

A doctor's work is never done.

ekedolphin 05-15-2017 02:38 PM

Good thing I pulled the right tooth, eh Prime Minister?

Dendarii Dame 05-16-2017 12:09 PM

I'm better now.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-16-2017 12:23 PM

Everybody has a happy place, a happy place to go ho-ho.

Dendarii Dame 05-17-2017 09:26 AM

It's a jolly holiday with Mary.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-18-2017 02:42 PM

You think Mary Poppins is saving the children, Mr. Disney? Oh, dear.

Dendarii Dame 05-18-2017 03:46 PM

Sorry, Mr. Eisner.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-18-2017 03:51 PM

Mr. Stokowski! Mr. Stokowski! My congratulations, sir!

Dendarii Dame 05-19-2017 07:11 AM

Life's like a movie. Write your own ending.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-19-2017 08:17 AM

And they lived happily ever after.

ekedolphin 05-19-2017 02:57 PM

You can't marry someone you just met.

Dendarii Dame 05-19-2017 03:37 PM

I want to marry someone who loves me for me.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-19-2017 04:29 PM

You don't talk much... I like you!

Dendarii Dame 05-20-2017 09:57 AM

Now they're friends forever since she broke his chair.

Dendarii Dame 05-21-2017 07:09 PM

When these moments have passed, will that friendship last?

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-21-2017 07:28 PM

You never had a friend like me!

Dendarii Dame 05-22-2017 12:51 PM

He treats me so great and he's so much fun to be around. Look at this bracelet he got me for our one week-aversiry.

Dendarii Dame 05-23-2017 01:04 PM

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me... A SANDWICH!

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-23-2017 03:05 PM

And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents - your dinner!

Dendarii Dame 05-24-2017 09:38 AM

It's her first tea party ever, you know.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-24-2017 03:43 PM

Supper's not quite ready. You'll just have time to wash.

Dendarii Dame 05-25-2017 07:41 AM

You're gonna love it. Chef's been making his specialty: stuffed crab!

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-25-2017 10:25 AM

You eat ANTS?

ekedolphin 05-26-2017 12:52 AM

Slimy, yet satisfying.

Dendarii Dame 05-26-2017 09:55 AM

"What's your name, what's your power?"

"I'm Ethan, and I melt."

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-26-2017 10:28 AM

Some people are worth melting for.

ekedolphin 05-26-2017 10:02 PM

You're crazy.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-27-2017 07:12 AM

We're all mad here.

Dendarii Dame 05-27-2017 09:25 AM

We're all in this together.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 05-28-2017 07:25 AM

Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck!) Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck!)

Dendarii Dame 05-29-2017 04:23 PM

But Donald doesn't whimper. Donald doesn't give up.

Dendarii Dame 05-30-2017 07:05 PM

I made it by being tougher than the toughies, and smarter than the smarties, and I made it square!

Dendarii Dame 05-31-2017 05:57 PM

Let's get this smarty-party started!

Prof. Pepperwinkle 06-01-2017 07:13 AM

A very merry unbirthday to you!

Dendarii Dame 06-01-2017 01:33 PM

I am delighted that you were invited, and so excited to be reunited.

Prof. Pepperwinkle 06-01-2017 05:15 PM

Welcome to the Himalayas!

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