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dalej42 01-26-2020 10:38 AM

Are there any apps like the old Words With Friends?
I know, get off my lawn!, but I miss the days of the old Words With Friends without all the stupid challenges, free swaps, and hints. And holy fuck, Iím sick of all the collect this, collect that nonsense that I canít opt out of. Every time I play a word, the game interrupts me to tell me Iíve won 3 mittens or completed a three letter word challenge that I donít care about.

Is there any game like this for iOS? Iím happy to pay to eliminate ads.

Raza 01-27-2020 08:08 AM

I would be interested as well. My hundreds-of-miles-away daughter and I used to play daily, but the UI got ridiculous and we burned out.

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