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Mike Mabes 03-07-2020 05:18 PM

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan
Repeat it like a mantra, they are the only states that matter. The only possible states that Trump can flip are Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico. And I am not at all worried about Virginia, they voted for Obama twice and Hillary once, and in the mid-terms took all three houses. And if Virginia doesn't flip, neither will CO and NM. I can't imagine a scenario where Virginians repudiate Trump but CO and NM don't. Just like I can't imagine a scenario where Trump wins Virginia and loses CO and NM

Last week a saw a projected electoral map, with Bernie as the nominee. In the northeast, there was only one state called as a toss-up, can't remember if it was MI or WI, but they had Bernie +2 against Trump in PA. 8-10 in the other states

There were 75,00 or so votes in the northeast that decided the last election. I think there are many more who regret voting for Trump, and many more who didn't bother to vote because they didn't like Hillary.

I would prefer Bernie to Biden, but I think either one wins.

Jophiel 03-07-2020 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Mike Mabes (Post 22177016)
The only possible states that Trump can flip are Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico.


DSeid 03-07-2020 06:24 PM

Don't ignore Maine, Iowa, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Montana, Kansas, and even Kentucky. You have Colorado in there already.

Senate races matter a whole heck of a lot, and the top of the ticket and how that top runs impacts them.

The rest of the down ticket too but especially the key Senate races.

Wesley Clark 03-07-2020 07:07 PM

Getting trump out is very important and the northern Midwest is a huge part of that. The democrats need to put a lot of money, volunteer effort and gotv drives into MN, MI, WI and PA.

But we also need to win back the senate to start appointing judges and pass legislation.

We also need to win as many state houses and governorship as possible since 2020 is a census year and we need to fight against gerrymandering.

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