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SenorBeef 07-19-2018 06:52 PM

SDMB Big League Fantasy Football 2018
Last year's thread

This will be year 10 of this league.

You must attend the draft to play in this league. Auto drafted teams are not viable due to the structure of it.

Also, please don't change your name dramatically. I know some people like a new funny name each year, but when we did that no one ever knew who they were playing because the names changed so often. It's better to be identifiable and have people remember who you are. So either keep something similar to the name you've been using in this league, or something close to your SDMB name.

Traditionally we wait until after the fourth preseason game to draft in this league since it runs very deep. Our usual date is the Wednesday before the first preseason game, so that would be Sep 5 this year, probably at 8 eastern/5 pacific. If that doesn't work for you, speak up soon and we can potentially change it.

We will likely have at least a couple of absenses, so anyone interested is welcome to post here or PM me if you want to try this league this year. If anyone from last year is planning to drop out, please tell us now.

1. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
2. Donte's Torino (Taber)
3. Fightin' Quakers (Furt)
4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
5. No Use For A Name II (RetroVertigo)
6. Frosted_Lightning
7. Varlos' Zzzzzz
8. We Do HGH (Stringer)
9. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
10. Antonican Druids (Oakminster)
11. Quentin's Jammers (Jules Andre)
12. Team Ed Gruberman (It's Not Rocket Surgery)
13. Kid_A
14. Unrelated Siblings Uncle Brother Walker)
15. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
16. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
17. Master Baiters (mhendo)
18. Stinkers (Stink Pot Fish)
19. The Gusterrhoids (Justin_Bailey)
20. Court Jesters (D_odds)

1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
2. Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
3. Hamlets Out of Ideas (Hamlet)
4. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
5. Garcon's Cedilla (friend of MrSquishy)
6. Not Sure (brickbacon)
7. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
8. Up by three (Taber)
9. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
10. CMFD (Chuck, off board)
11. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
12. The Gusterrhoids (Justin Bailey)
13. Hey There Fancypants (Mr Squishy)
14. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)
15. The Brute Squad (Only Mostly Dead)
16. Court Jesters (d_odds)
17. Return of Ryan Leaf (Mhendo)
18. Sizzurp Sippers (Gray Ghost)
19. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
20. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)

1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
2. Hamlets Out Of Ideas (Hamlet)
3. Court Jesters (d_odds)
4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
5. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted_Glass)
6. Hey There Fancypants (MrSquishy)
7. Up By Three (Taber)
8. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
9. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
10. The Brute Squad (Only Mostly Dead)
11. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
12. Not Sure (brickbacon)
13. The Gusterrhoids (Justin Bailey)
14. Garcon's Cedillia (off-board friend of MrSquishy)
15. Return of Ryan Leaf (mhendo)
16. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
17. CMFD (Chuck, off board)
18. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
19. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
20. Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)[/QUOTE]

1. The Fleas (Wilson)
2. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
3. Overly Sentimental (Chuck, off board)
4. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
5. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
6. Unrelated Siblings (Uncle Brother Walker)
7. Rough n Tumblrs (Enalzi)
8. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
9. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
10. Not Sure (brickbacon)
11. Garcon's Cedillia (off-board friend of MrSquishy)
12. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
13. Up By Three (Taber)
14. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
15. Court Jesters (d_odds)
16. Return of Ryan Leaf (mhendo)
17. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
18. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted_Glass)
19. Phoenix Redbirds (dalej42)
20. 9 Inch Neils (RNATB)[/QUOTE]

1. poopiusdickimus (off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
2. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
3. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
4. Scissor Me Timbers (Munch)
5. Up By Three (Taber)
6. 9 Inch Neils (RNATB)
7. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
8. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
9. Rough And Tumblrs (Enalzi)
10. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
11. Garcon's Cedillia (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
12. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
13. Court Jesters (d_odds)
14. Definite Maybe (WereKoala)
15. Not Sure (brickbacon)
16. The Fleas (Wilson)
17. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
18. Cobra Kai (Boozahol Squid, PI)
19. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
20. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)

1. Up By Three (Taber)
2. Garcon's Cedillia (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
3. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
4. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
5. Nine Inch Neils (RNATB)
6. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
7. Robber Barons (Munch)
8. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
9. Living Through Them (Gray Ghost)
10. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
11. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
12. Not Sure (brickbacon)
13. Court Jesters (d_odds)
14. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
15. poopiusdickimus (Off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
16. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
17. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
18. Definite Maybe (WereKoala)
19. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
20. Varlos' Zzzzz (VarlosZ)

1. Overly Sentimental (Chuck)
2. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
3. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)
4. Not Sure (brickbacon)
5. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
6. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
7. Robber Barons (Munch)
8. Court Jesters (d_odds)
9. Garcon's Cedilla (Off-board friend of MrSquishy)
10. Varlos'Zzzzzz (VarlosZ)
11. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
12. poopiusdickimus (off-board friend of Overly Sentimental)
13. Darnassus Druids (Oakminster)
14 Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
15. Up By Three (Taber)
16. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
17. No Use For A Name II (Retrovertigo)
18. Nine Inch Neils (RNATB)
19. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
20. Definite MAYBE (WereKoala)

1. No Use For A Name II (RetroVertigo)
2. Not Sure (brickbacon)
3. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
4. Garcon's Cedillia
5. Evil Monkey (MTRG)
6. Overly Sentimental
7. Rough n Tumblrs (Enalzi)
8. Inglewood Chargers (mhendo)
9. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
10. poopiusdickimus
11. Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
12. Court Jesters (d_odds)
13. Curry Porkrinds (tds1273)
14. Bloom County Bills (It's Not Rocket Surgery!)
15. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
16. Up By Three (Taber)
17. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
18. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
19. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
20. Frosted_Lightning (Frosted Glass)

1. Up By Three (Taber)
2. The Dented Pixels (Pixel Dent)
3. poopiusdickamus
4. No Use For A Name 2 (Retrovertigo)
5. Fourth and Ninteen (Wilson)
6. Team Anonymous (motu)
7. Court Jesters (d_odds)
8. Overly Sentimental
9. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
10. Not Sure (brickbacon)
11. Garcon's Cedillia
12. Bloom County Bills (It's Not Rocket Surgery)
13. Red Hochuli Peppers (Darth Sensitive)
14. Frosted Lightning (Frosted Glass)
15. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
16. The Str8Dope My Foot (Covfefe)
17. Inglewood Chargers (mhendo)
18. Mundi Madness (Spiritus Mundi)
19. Rough and Tumblrs (Enalzi)
20. Varlos' Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)

Taber 07-19-2018 09:50 PM

I got an e-mail saying I was invited, but when I clicked it, it said the invite was invalid. This may be expected, but I thought I should let you know in case it's a problem.

enalzi 07-20-2018 09:26 AM

On one hand, I'll actually be in the country at the start of the season, so I should do better this time. On the other hand, we're expecting our first mid October, so I'll probably do worse down the stretch.

One thing I proposed last year was cutting a player or two off the bench. That would lead to faster drafts, more movement mid-season, and more players available on the waiver wire. Any interest in that?

Darth Sensitive 07-24-2018 01:03 PM

I think dropping a bench slot or two may be good.

Also, Ed Hochuli retired... so I may need a new ref pun name...

mhendo 07-24-2018 05:28 PM

I'll be in it again. The tentative draft date looks doable for me right now.

SenorBeef 08-02-2018 12:10 AM

We're going to need to replace at least two players this season - Varlos disappeared midway into last season and hasn't been around since, and Overly Sentimental informed me that he'll be leaving most of his leagues this year. If anyone is interested, post here. If anyone else plans on not making it this year, please tell us now.

Frosted Glass 08-02-2018 06:17 PM

I’m definitely in. I’m also good to drop a bench slot or two since we usually just scoop randos at that point in the draft. I’m looking forward to the season!

Taber 08-05-2018 11:24 PM


Originally Posted by Taber (Post 21096933)
I got an e-mail saying I was invited, but when I clicked it, it said the invite was invalid. This may be expected, but I thought I should let you know in case it's a problem.

I figured it out. I was opening the yahoo mail app, and when I clicked the invite, it opened in chrome, where I wasn't logged in. Logging in in chrome fixes it.

roys 08-06-2018 04:27 AM

Fantasy Football 2018: Top Preseason Sleepers, Funny Team Names and League Names
Whether you are competing in a standard fantasy football league or playing a daily game, you need a lot more than just your superstars if you are going to be a consistent winner.

RetroVertigo 08-06-2018 11:21 PM

I didn't seem to get the invite to this league. I can PM my email if needed for some reason.

SenorBeef 08-07-2018 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by RetroVertigo (Post 21131865)
I didn't seem to get the invite to this league. I can PM my email if needed for some reason.

Weird, are you still using the same e-mail you always have? It should've come the normal way. I sent out another invite 2 or 3 days ago.

We're going to use the league forums to do any votes on potential new rules to keep this thread from getting cluttered. I put a post in the league forum (on the main league page) about the issue of reducing the roster by 1 bench slot. If you have an opinion on this please reply there.

RetroVertigo 08-07-2018 07:56 PM

I've gotten the AP and Dynasty, but not the Big League.

It's Not Rocket Surgery! 08-08-2018 10:53 PM

I thought I'd gotten the Big League invite, but now I can't find it. Can you resend it?

SenorBeef 08-08-2018 10:57 PM

I re-sent the Retrovertigo and Rocket Surgery invites. Check your spam folders maybe. If you still don't get them I can give you a manual sign up link as a new team, but let's give this one more try.

RetroVertigo 08-09-2018 02:22 PM

Unless you're "Asian Love Spa" I didn't get anything in my spam.

Checked all again, and don't see anything. Can you PM the link?

It's Not Rocket Surgery! 08-09-2018 04:29 PM

I did get the invite, and signed up.

Really Not All That Bright 08-14-2018 01:58 PM

Beef, I posted this in the Dynasty League thread a couple of times but it looks like I got a return invite - I will be withdrawing from this league.

ETA: actually, fuck it. Since the Auction League is dead I may as well stick around for this one.

SenorBeef 08-14-2018 03:10 PM

I knew I'd get you with the relentless pressure of a mass invite.

SenorBeef 08-16-2018 02:43 PM

Is anyone here interested in playing in the SDMB's oldest league, the He Hate Me keeper league? We've got 2 slots open there.

SenorBeef 08-21-2018 09:47 AM

As of now, we have 15 people in the league from last year. There are 3 people who are definitely leaving this year, and two people we haven't heard from - poopiusdickimus and not sure (brickbacon). It's getting pretty late for them to sign up, but I don't have a way to contact either of them except for e-mail, and I've sent invites to them multiple times.

I did start an SDMB fantasy recruitment thread, but the SDMB isn't as big as it used to be nor is there as much fantasy interest as there was a decade ago.

So I'm going to open the door for you guys to invite off-board friends to play this year if you think you'd have any friends interested. Ideally they'd sign up for SDMB accounts to participate in the thread, but not strictly necesary as long as they can attend the draft and will play out the year. The draft is planned for Wednesday, Sep 5 at 8pm eastern, which is our traditional relative drafting time.

SenorBeef 08-27-2018 04:06 PM

I'm still having trouble recruiting for any leagues, unfortunately. I'm not sure anyone new has joined the SDMB in 10 years, and this is the year where it's finally starting to show, where I can't just keep asking people to take on extra leagues to offset anyone leaving.

We may end up running the all-pro and HHM leagues a little short this year, but doing that to the big league would be particularly painful since the whole point of the league is to cram as many people as we can into it.

I've been posting in other fantasy threads, tried to get people to take on another league, started a recruitment thread, asked people to invite their friends from off-board, but nothing seems to be taking this year.

If anyone has any ideas, or anyone they can invite, now would be a great time to do so, we're a little over a week from our draft and we still sit at 15/20.

enalzi 08-27-2018 04:56 PM

I'll reach out to people from my old work league.

SenorBeef 08-27-2018 04:59 PM

Thank you. As long as they'll attend the draft and not abandon their team halfway through the season, anyone would be great.

SenorBeef 08-28-2018 05:15 PM

I have the most wonderiferous news. No, I didn't find 5 more players. But Yahoo changed the minimum nomination time from 30 seconds to 15. Rejoice.

enalzi 08-29-2018 10:06 AM

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any bites

SenorBeef 08-29-2018 11:16 AM

Thanks for trying. I may have to do something like try to recruit on reddit fantasy football forums or something this year.

Bijou Drains 08-29-2018 11:26 AM

Will the draft be during non work hours east coast time?

SenorBeef 08-29-2018 11:47 AM

Yes. Wednesday, Sep 5 (next week) at 8pm eastern.

motu 08-29-2018 03:35 PM

I have a warm body. check your PMs Beef. He will draft and play out the year.

SenorBeef 08-29-2018 04:21 PM

Warm bodies are my favorite kind. Thanks.

Hopefully we can get at least 2 more and get up to 18, so this is still the big...ish league.

Bijou Drains 08-30-2018 10:26 AM

I will join

SenorBeef 08-30-2018 02:26 PM

I think you may have PMs turned off, so I sent an invite to the e-mail listed on your account. If you want it on another e-mail PM me or post it here. Welcome aboard.

Bijou Drains 08-30-2018 03:06 PM

OK I joined. My name there is Kevin's team.

SenorBeef 09-01-2018 02:04 PM

We've got 17/20 currently. If we can make one more player, we can have a nice draft (with even numbered teams) and I think 18 would still be big enough to fit with the spirit of the league. So I'll see what I can do, but if anyone else has anyone to invite, one more would be great. Thanks.

Hamlet 09-04-2018 08:21 AM

If you need me, I should be able to do a draft on Wednesday and won't just drop off after that. Shoot me an invite.

SenorBeef 09-04-2018 10:41 AM

Thanks Hamlet.

We'll be at 18 now. If we get any last minute recruits, however unlikely, they'd have to come in a pair to maintain an even league. Most likely we'll have to play at 18 this year, which should still be plenty big to give this league its big league flavor.

SenorBeef 09-04-2018 01:52 PM

Does anyone happen to want to join the pick 'em and survival leagues? Not exactly fantasy, but I figured you guys might be interested and hadn't noticed.

Wilson 09-04-2018 04:30 PM

Well, shoot. Something has come up that I cannot get out of tomorrow evening. I suspect I won't get there till at least 9pm eastern.
I see we got to 18 teams, so me dropping out is not a good thing at this point. I'll do what I can to get on as soon as I can. Unfortunately, I don't think I can draft while driving home.

SenorBeef 09-04-2018 04:47 PM

Ah, that sucks. We get this draft going a little earlier than the others because it's longer, although with the shorter nomination time option on yahoo it'll probably shave at least a half hour off of it. If we delayed the start until 8:30 is there any chance you could make it soon after?

If you can't attend, I think we could probably drop you and Hamlet. I think Hamlet is here just to be a good dude and fill in a slot if we need it because it's uneven - if you have to leave then I guess we can draft with 16.

Wilson 09-04-2018 07:20 PM

It's up to you, I think 9pm is the likely earliest I could make it, and I can't promise that. I'd be willing to try to be as competitive as possible coming in late, but I know it does put me at a huge disadvantage.

Bijou Drains 09-05-2018 11:07 AM

how long will the draft last? last year I could not make it so a team was drafted for me

mhendo 09-05-2018 11:19 AM

IIRC, the draft lasts about two and a half to three hours.

It could be faster is everyone paid attention. One of the things that slows it down is people not being ready with a nomination when it's their turn to nominate. As SenorBeef says, the shorter nomination time this year will help.

If we want to delay it a bit to allow Wilson a better shot, I'd be fine with that, but I'm on the west coast so it's not much of a hardship for me. It's getting late on the east coast for people who have to work the next day.

SenorBeef 09-05-2018 11:20 AM

The draft is abnormally long for this league normally, at a little over 3 hours. But we'll be drafting with 16 or 18 people this year, and the minimum nomination time (where a lot of time was wasted) was cut in half, so I suspect we'd get the draft done comfortably under 3 hours. And people would be able to leave as they filled up their roster, so not everyone would need to stay till the end.

You can make the draft this time, right? It's important for this league as the yahoo auction autodraft rankings are based on a 12 man league and so they won't work here - you end up drafting a non-viable team.

Bijou Drains 09-05-2018 11:26 AM

I was thinking more like an hour. 3 hours seems way too long to me.

SenorBeef 09-05-2018 11:31 AM

We did a snake draft (faster than auction) with 14 people last night with the HHM league and it took about 1:45 - fantasy drafts aren't generally that short.

Are you still willing to draft tonight, or are you trying to get out of it?

Bijou Drains 09-05-2018 11:37 AM

Not willing to spend 3 hours for something like this. Sorry, I guess I should have asked before I joined. No way for the system to pick players for me like last year?

mhendo 09-05-2018 11:43 AM

Crap. Even with Hamlet, that makes 16, which is barely a Big League at all.

One of the things I liked about this league is the precarious nature of everyone's roster, and the need to use marginal players. I guess it's going to be more like a regular auction league now, and prices will probably go down as the pool of available players for each fantasy member is effectively larger, creating less demand.

SenorBeef 09-05-2018 11:46 AM

The yahoo autodraft values are based on the costs of a 12 man league. When you go higher than 12 man, you have more money chasing the same players, so the average costs of buying players goes up. Which means that the yahoo auto drafter isn't tuned right, so to speak, and won't tend to bid on the more expensive players. You'd have to pre-rank enough of your guys to have a higher value so that the autodrafter had a chance of picking some up.

But if you don't want to do it, I can work around it. Hamlet volunteered to be on stand-by in case we had an odd number of teams (you can't run a head to head league that way), so if you want to leave, we can just not pick up Hamlet, and draft with 16. We'd have to try to accomodate Wilson by moving the draft back in this scenario, or booting Wilson and using Hamlet and still drafting at 16 but I'd prefer to work with Wilson. Ah, fun draft day decisions.

SenorBeef 09-05-2018 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by mhendo (Post 21188590)
Crap. Even with Hamlet, that makes 16, which is barely a Big League at all.

One of the things I liked about this league is the precarious nature of everyone's roster, and the need to use marginal players. I guess it's going to be more like a regular auction league now, and prices will probably go down as the pool of available players for each fantasy member is effectively larger, creating less demand.

I agree with you - it is unfortunate and diminishes the main thing that seperates this league from others, but I think 16 would still be an enjoyable experience and different enough from 12 to be worth doing for a year until I can ideally recruit more people next year. I'd definitely prefer to keep the league going and try to fix it next year than give up.

Unfortunately it just seems like there's not enough new people/interest on the SDMB anymore for these leagues. 10 years ago it was thriving, I'd have more recruits than I needed - but the last few years have required scraping up just enough until finally this year I just couldn't manage to get it to come together.

So I say we go with 16, enjoy it, and try to get back up to 20 next year.

Bijou Drains 09-05-2018 11:51 AM

I don't even know about costs for players, in the past that was not a factor in my leagues. I just picked players and cost was not relevant from what I recall. So it's best for me to bow out.

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