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NurseCarmen 07-01-2002 04:27 PM

Symapthetic Vibratory Physics
What is it? A quick perusal of some websites makes me think it's a load of hooey, but others attempt to tie it to Tesla, who IMHO, was a genious way before his time. Is it worth my time looking into this? Am I better off staying at home, reading my horoscopes and playing with crystals?

Duck Duck Goose 07-01-2002 10:22 PM

Wow. :cool:

What imparted the first movement to the atom, may be an ever receding mystery; but an enormous advance has been made upon the outlying territory. Science has gone one generation farther back in the pedigree of energy; for the law of sympathetic vibration must be the Law of Laws.
There are apparently forty "Laws of Laws".

I mean, double wow. This takes some kind of prize for sheer gibberish content.

(13) Law of Sono-thermity

"Internal vibrations of atomic substances and atomic molecules are capable of vibrating at a period-frequency directly as their density, inversely as their linear dimensions, directly as the coefficient of their tension from the 21st to the 42nd octaves, producing the creative force (Sono-thermity), whose transmissive force (Sono-therm) is propagated in solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous media, statically producing adhesions and molecular unions, or disintegration, according to the Law of Harmonic Attraction and Repulsion."

< snip >

(16) Law of Oscillating Atomoles

"Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch (determined by their uniform size and weight) produce the creative force Atomolity, whose transmissive form, Gravism, is propagated through more rarefied media, producing the static effect upon all other atomoles, denominated Gravity."
IANA physicist, so I actually have no clue whether or not it's a load of hooey (my instincts say "hooey")

CSICOP doesn't have it listed. doesn't have it listed as such. However, under their entry for Rudolf Steiner, "sympathetic vibratory physics" is mentioned down at the bottom, with a link to this.

Which is not a good sign for the "non-hooey" side. :D

It's also probably not a good sign that "sympathetic vibratory physics" turns up on a lot of "free energy/cold fusion/Atlantis/Edgar Cayce" websites.

KarlGauss 07-01-2002 11:25 PM


Originally posted by Duck Duck Goose
[B]Wow.[/b It's also probably not a good sign that "sympathetic vibratory physics" turns up on a lot of "free energy/cold fusion/Atlantis/Edgar Cayce" websites.
An even worse sign? It turns up on (gasp) "phi" sites. Here's one example.

bbeaty 07-02-2002 03:05 AM

SVP is directly connected with John Worrell Keely, and is definitely way out on the borderlands of "frontier science."

Keely was the "Tesla" of acoustics, but Keely created his own vocabulary, and his discoveries are mostly either lost, or are concealed behind impenetrable jargon of Keely's own creation. The Scientific American debunked Keely after he died, but then the SciAm also debunked the Wright Brothers, and played a big role in forcing the Wrights to abandon the USA and move to Europe.

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