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Originally Posted by Sublight View Post
Also, does anyone remember the 70s-era "crack" sequence on Sesame Street? Nothing to do with drugs, it was an animated short about the cracks in the wall coming to life.

It would never be aired today because of the unfortunate choice of names (Crack Monkey, Crack Camel and Crack Master), but it scared the shit out of me as a little kid (especially the monkey's sing-song voice chanting, "At night, behind the door, I think I hear one more")

Searching "Sesame Street crack" on Youtube brings up one relevant link, but don't bother clicking it unless you like Rick Astley.
Yeah, I remember that one well. It seems to be one of those "Holy Grail" things that has disappeared without a trace. Too bad, because I'd like to see it again. Like you, I remember it being pretty scary for a kids' show, although I could've sworn it was actually on The Electric Company rather than Sesame Street.