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Let's psychoanalyze the hell out of "The Wizard of Oz"

Brought to you by the Campaign to Get Skald to Post About Something Other Than Tolkien in CS

Please note that I wrote "The Wizard of Oz," with quotes and everything. I am, in other words, referring to the 1939 movie starring Judy Garland; if I'd meant the book, I'd have written The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and if I'd meant the characters there'd have been no quotation marks.

TNT played the movie several times over the horror-days, and though ordinarily I might not have bothered with it, I learned that my son's sister, "Liz," who is living with us now, has never seen it, which gave me an excuse to indulge. So as Liz, Mrs. Rhymer, and I sat down to watch the whole thing through, I noticed something about the Cowardly Lion: his behavior is only a more extreme version of Dorothy's. Several times during the movie, Dorothy cowers in the face of danger, only to forget her fear when Toto or one of her friends is in danger. Since the whole Oz experience is but a dream, it seems likely that Dorothy was working through her own feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy in imagining the Lion's behavior.

That's just my thought, of course. Anybody else want to take a swing at it?
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