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Originally Posted by Markxxx View Post
We have to view Glinda as a meddlesome old passive agressive bitch. First of all she puts the shoes on Dorothy, who doesn't want them. This only ensures the witch will "off" Dorothy to get them.

Sure the West Witch was a bit miffed about her sister dying but that was only a trivial feeling.

Glinda "Could've" told Dorothy about going home ASAP, but chose not to do so hoping she'd get killed.

With the East Witch and West Witch gone and Glinda already assuming control of the North and South and amalgamating them into one, and the Wizard gone you can only assume what hell Glinda would wreck digused in the name of good.

Dorothy was a classic moron. When Glinda told her that the shoes had great power, Dorothy never asks nor makes any attempt to figure them out. When the West Witch is shocked by them, Dorothy never seemed to make the connection she could have hopped at the West Witch charging her while shocking her with her foot.

The racist Lion, remember him saying "I do believe in spooks," when black people obviously exist is nothing more than a weak attempt at humour. Instead of dealing with the situation he is trying to deflect from his danger by telling racist jokes. The flying monkeys are also clearly a racist joke, at the expense of African Americans.
Um...that's a POLITICAL reading, not a PSYCHOLOGICAL reading. You seem to be missing the central idea of the thread. Since everything between Dorothy getting knocked out by the cyclone and waking up to find Auntie Em looking down on her is a dream, Glinda can hardly be called "passive-aggressive" towards Dorothy; she's PART of Dorothy. Why does Dorothy's subconscious set up the situation to prevent herself from going home? Why is Glinda the only major Oz character without a real-world analogue? For that matter, why doesn't Uncle Henry have an Oz analogue?