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Originally Posted by dotchan View Post
Huh. I always thought the Wicked Witch was the neighbor lady who wanted Toto be put down. (And the Oz experience was a shared dream - so neighbor lady is now inexplicably drowned in her bathtub, or something.)
I took Captain Amazing's utterly brilliant post to mean that Dorothy--who does not want to admit that she's angry at her aunt and disappointed in her uncle--substitutes the cruel neighbor and charming psychic for them in her dream. If she had put Em and Henry's faces on the Witch and Wizard, she'd have had to admit to herself that she thought Em was a bitchy tyrant and Henry a feckless charlatan. But the neighbor and the psychic are safe; one is obviously mean, and she hardly knows the other. By visualizing them, she can work her problems out n a safe way.

By the way: Captain Amazing is, like, Elrond.