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It's sexual. It's always sexual. Dorothy is a pretty young farm girl just coming into her own. Still innocent in action for the most part, of course, but the hormones are stirring up a terrible bee's nest in her mind. Let's take a look at how she fell into the pig pen for instance. It is a well known fact that men are pigs. Did you see how she lost balance? That was the most obviously fake fall I've ever seen. Clearly she wanted to jump in with the pigs to satisfy her fantasy of being lost in a sea of men but wanted to make it look unintentional to an observing eye. It was also a great opportunity for her to be saved by one of the many men in her life. Even though it was nothing more than concern and fright on his part, he was unwittingly playing hero to her damsel in distress.

Um. Yeah. That's all I got.