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I fear I must disagree with my esteemed colleague, Professor Captain Amazing regarding the import of water in Oz. I do see water as being crucial to Dorothy's gaining supremacy, but it is not in a domestic context that such occurs.

The Wicked (emphasis mine) Witch of the West clearly represents Dorothy's fear of her own sexuality, hence the unattractive appearance of said "witch", the green skin a metaphor for Dorothy being "green" in terms of sexual experience (ie a virgin). The WWW rides a broomstick, an obvious phallic symbol and one that both startles and scares Dorothy; the WWW possesses powers that Dorothy does not understand and that Dorothy fears; and that the WWW covets Dorothy's "ruby slippers"--a symbol of menstruation. And then the classic confrontation scene between WWW and D wherein Dorothy throws water (very important sexual image) over the WWW and the witch is destroyed. Water represents orgasm here and with the dousing (ie full arousal and release), Dorothy makes the "witch" melt--entering into the post-coital relaxation phase.

Also note that Dorothy can ONLY go home again, once this melting has occurred-- that is, once she has conquered her fear of her own sexuality, she is empowered to reenter her world (which, it must be noted, is full of unattached older men--clearly Dorothy has more issues to be resolved and will need recurrent psychotherapy).

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