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It's a movie about sex, drugs and gang wars. Dorothy is initiated into the gang of Neo-Nazis (Munichland) where she proves herself by killing a rival gang leader. Little M (“mayor of the gang) is unconvinced of her loyalty and tells her to hit the road with another test. They send 3 of their own henchmen with her: a steely heartless killer known for using an ax, a don-won sleaze-ball who pretends to cat around but spends most of his time playing with himself (constantly pulling his tail), and a bag-man who represents the anti-Christ (he’s found crucified for failing to keep the stuff on him).

The task is to make a hit on the head of another rival gang and take over the territory. She’s sent to a wizkid who is supposed to hook her up in exchange for drugs. She makes the mistake of sampling the drugs (opium from the poppy fields) and ends up sleeping with her peeps. This eventually leads her to heroin (which she swore she would do when monkeys fly out of her ass). It all comes undone when her little friend is captured and her companions start to have second thoughts. The mission to rescue the dog is really symbolic of 3 dirty old men in search of a little tail.

The end of the movie leaves her flying high with the wizkid after all the killings and drugs. The final scene is of her in a drug-induced haze surrounded by her gang banging friends. The bedroom scene and the return of the little dog signify the old men got what they were after.

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