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Originally Posted by outlierrn View Post
Eleanorigby has made some insightful suggestions, but ultimately is a bit off.

No, clearly what we have here is a breakdown if the virgin/mother/crone mythos brought on by rural isolation. Dorothy is the virgin on the cusp of womanhood, and miss Gulch is the crone. But dorothy's own mother (deceased) and Aunt Em (childless) leave her with no role model for the mother. The ruby slippers represent not menstruation, but her virginity, she fears to 'give it up' because she fears she will transition directly from virgin to withered crone, do not pass go, do not collect 200 orgasms.

Unfortunately, in addition to a lack of a mother figure, she is also isolated from any true masculinity and has only been exposed to weak, ambitionless hirelings and emasculated Uncle Henry.

Driven mercilessly by her bodies demands, but with no direction in sight, she creates a fantasy destination where all will be resolved, however since no warrior/hunter archtype existed in Kansas, she will not find one over the rainbow and her journey will become one not just of self discovery, but self satisfaction as well, 'you had the power all the time.'

Tapping her heels together (she did it a lot more than 3 times) is her discovery of masturbation which resolves the crisis and allows her to re-enter her normal world. the water and the WWW? Well, let's just say that Dorothy was the first recorded female ejaculator in american fiction.
And in this contribution we see the value of collegial discourse. I am grateful for the insights my esteemed colleague has shared and from them take fresh perspectives to my own practice and analyses. <bows to outlierrn>